What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative relationship between two people (coach and coachee) who work together to help an individual identify and reach goals, realise their potential and achieve positive growth and transformation in their life.

It is a form of learning through a conversation or series of conversations which benefit an individual in relation to their objectives.

How does it work?

During coaching sessions, a conversation takes place where the coachee develops a focus and awareness of their own circumstances and develops a greater understanding of their needs. This enables them to find new ways to resolve issues, become more resilient, achieve more and become happier.

What coaching is not…

  • Psychotherapy
    • For those with specific mental health illnesses and in need of more structured therapy – it’s important to seek support from a person trained in those fields. Coaching can help with milder forms of anxiety and self-doubt but is not a treatment route for diagnosed mental health illnesses.
  • Structured training
    • Coaching is flexible and determined by the coachee’s needs. There is no fixed learning or format for the sessions. The individual and coach together decide the direction of the sessions and the learning needed.
  • A way of someone else solving your problems for you
    • Coaching is a collaborative process where the coach supports the coachee to find their own solutions. The coaching process is focused on making change for the coachee and the power for change ultimately lies with them.
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