Ongoing Support

What’s involved?

Some find that ongoing support can help hold them accountable to achieve goals or can help provide more specific support as circumstances change such as during pregnancy, transitioning diet, going through surgery or managing a health condition.

Ongoing support sessions are arranged for clients who have already had a nutritional consultation and assessment and take whatever form is needed. The session may be focussed on coaching and guidance, may involve a further assessment, provide new guidance and recipes, answer further questions. Email support is provided between sessions and for 2 weeks following the final session.

The cost: £70 per 60 minute session, a block of 5 sessions can be purchased for £325 or 10 sessions for £600.

“Cory’s personable nature allows her to put you at ease to discuss the things you might not otherwise. This really helped me to be completely open when I completed my food diaries, and therefore I got the most out of the Consultation process.”


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