Five Actual ‘Superfoods’ You Should Be Eating

The term superfood has been used by marketing companies to sell high cost, fancy sounding foods for quite some time now. Granted some of these foods are pretty super but some do not really warrant the title. Here are my personal top five actual superfoods – real foods which I think deserve the title of ‘super’.


High in protein, fibre, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, folate. They’re a real superfood. As with the rest of the food on this list, it’s high in nutrients whilst being low calorie making it a great food to add to your diet. Just make sure your wash your beans thoroughly before eating to reduce any potential irritation which could cause flatulence.


A phenomenal source of antioxidants. Just a handful a day can offer so many potential benefits. Plus they’re yummy and sweet and delicious…what more could you want!


High in fibre and vitamin C, also containing potassium, vitamins B6 and A, calcium and iron. These little green trees are a powerhouse. It’s also very low calorie with a decent quantity of protein per serving. If eating a plant-based diet, iron absorption is greatly increased in combination with vitamin C so I like to add a couple of florets of broccoli to my leafy green veg smoothie in the morning to help my body get all its nutrients! There’s a lot of different studies out there but lightly stir-fried seems to be one of the best ways to eat broccoli without boiling away all the goodness!

Chia Seeds/Flax Seeds/Hemp Seeds

These little seeds are on the more expensive side but are amazing for your plant-based healthy fats. Their omega 3 to 6 ratios are great, providing more omega 3 than 6 (both are essential but we need more 3 than 6 to keep us healthy and reduce inflammation). They also provide protein and fibre. Flax seeds are best consumed ground to absorb all their goodness.


Another fibre-rich veggie high in loads of vitamins and minerals: A, B9, C, K, Iron, Calcium. As you’d expect it is low calorie so you get a lot of nutrients for your calories. It’s such a versatile easy one to add to your diet: a handful in your morning smoothie, stir it into curries, add it into wraps, wilt it on top of toast with garlicky mushrooms… the options are endless.

There are so many more foods which are total powerhouses when it comes to their nutritional value. I may have to do a part 2 on this another time!

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