My Week at Uni – The End

It’s the end but not quite. Each year the end of the semester, the end of lectures, has very much felt like an ending even with the exam period still to come. But not this year. Maybe it’s because we’ve actually left the uni campus so we go from lectures with everyone in lecture halls to being alone at home. This year’s a little different because it’s all been at home so there’s no change. This year’s also different because we have assessments due in between the end of lectures and the exam period so work will continue as normal for the next 4 weeks until I finish my final exam.

Whilst this was the last week of lectures for our Human Nutrition degree and we actually didn’t have any lectures. Monday was a bank holiday so Tuesday we were due to have a lecture and a consolidation session for our Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport Module but the lecture just didn’t happen and the module leader just recapped the timetable rather than doing a consolidation session. Wednesday we had an exam for Applied and Clinical Nutrition so no lecture. For Global Challenges in Food and Health we had a debate session we could choose to participate in if we wanted to, which I did want to but did not have the time. Our Undergraduate Research Project as usual had no lecture just continue working on the dissertation.

So, without lectures I completed a report due in on Monday and did the exam. The exam was tough. The report was not fun. I have a dissertation and group report due in the next few weeks and then a final exam. This last year at uni has been tough. I have no frame of reference to compare it against one in which a global pandemic is happening but I assume that hasn’t helped. My physical and mental health have both suffered as a result of the amount of stress this year. It’s not been an easy ride but it’s nearing the end. With each assessment that’s submitted I’m one stage closer and the end of the semester is also another thing completed.

Not much left for me to say apart from if you’ve followed this blog along from the start (mum and dad) or just every now and again, thanks for keeping me company. Thanks for letting me use this space to vent and rant and get things off my chest. Thanks for letting me share a bit of my university experience with you.

Here’s to the next chapter and wherever that takes me!

Personal learning this week: My brain is not wired to deal with statistics.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • You can use coffee machine pods to test for COVID – a bored scientist in the Netherlands has found a way to test for COVID using the pods you put in home coffee machines. It’s a complex process but this article was a really interesting read.
  • Octopuses change colour in their sleep – octopuses have two different sleep states, active and quiet, a bit like REM and non-REM in humans and in those different states they often change colour and texture!
  • Fish remember their friends – individual fish recognise fish from their own group, as female fish mature they prefer familiar females and unfamiliar males – this helps prevent inbreeding! For more fish facts click here.

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