My Week at Uni – Tears

This week has been an emotional one. Lots of tears, lots of deep work and lots of deep rest. I’m finding my rest is looking a lot more like lying down and doing nothing, I’m just too exhausted and worn out to do much else. Accepting that this is a difficult time and I’m not coping but it is temporary and I’m getting close. Looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend with hopefully minimal uni work (depending on whether or not I can shut my brain off)!

This week, we had a lecture for psychology on sports injury along with another useless tutorial (5 minutes were actually useful out of the hour and a half). For our main module we had a consolidation session ahead of next week’s exam which was somewhat useful. For my global challenges module we had lectures about the future of nutrition and biotechnologies to help reduce hunger. I’ll catch up on those lectures once things calm down a bit and I have time to focus on them and not the upcoming exams and assessments.

One more week of lectures to go, we only actually have 1 lecture session left. Assessments are getting on top of me but I can start ticking them all off from next week onwards, one by one they’ll come off the list.

Personal learning this week: Try to tackle the hardest task at the beginning of the day but if you can’t, doing something is better than nothing!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • You can detect concussion from a person’s spit! – A new study has been carried out on whether analysis of some’s spit can accurately detect a concussion (based on small non-coding RNA that become present). They found a test which is accurate 96% of the time. So interesting and such an important area to work on with to prevent really bad short- and long-term repercussions for athletes.
  • Tesco are recycling ‘soft plastics’ – This news is a couple of weeks old but still an important thing to note. Tesco are recycling bread bags, salad bags, crisp packets and other so-called ‘soft plastics’. This is only at their larger stores at the moment, hopefully it’ll expand further. I’m lucky I have a big Tesco at the end of my road and I’ve noticed that using the soft plastic recycling I now have very little general waste at all each week. This is a huge step forward. It’s still better not to have any recycling but in some cases it’s impossible to get food without packaging so recycling is a viable option which is far better than the items going to landfill.

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