My Week at Uni – Same

Same stuff, different week. Now that this week is over, I have 2 weeks of lectures left, then 3 assessment weeks. I’m finally beginning to see the end in sight. The finishing line is coming into view and I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and limp to the end as gracefully as I can muster. I’m shattered but that’s nothing new, I’m report writing, I’m revising for an upcoming exam and I’m learning.

This week we have nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, totally fascinating, all about how our genes influence how we metabolise and digest food and how the food we eat can impact our genes and disease risk. We also had a session about nutritional support for those who are undernourished including enteral feeding and a couple of sessions which were a bit lack lustre about behaviour change and social support. Lectures are winding down and the assessments are truly taking over more and more time as the weeks go by.

I’m shattered so I’m making space for rest this weekend. Each day I’m getting closer to that finish line, trying not to lose sight of it!

Personal learning this week: We are our own harshest critics. I am doing the best I can do with the resources I have at the moment and that’s enough.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • You have 2 metres of DNA in every cell – Isn’t that just mind blowing to think about. Every single cell in your body contains at least 2 metres (in length) of DNA, some its more. It’s just folded and wrapped so well that it can fit into a space which is 1/50th the width of a grain of table salt.  
  • Your DNA affects how you eat and what you eat affects your DNA – Our genes can mean we have food intolerances or allergies but they can also predispose us to facing sugar over salt, tendencies towards obesity, affect the way we metabolise fat or carbohydrate, impact the way we digest certain proteins. What we eat also impacts the way our genes are expressed and can help repair our DNA or cause mutations which can lead to disease. The more I learn the more I realise how personalised nutrition is.

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