My Week at Uni – Burnout

This week started with severe stomach cramps and ended with me in bed with flu. I had a PCOS flare up of the worse period pains I have ever had on Monday morning and on Wednesday I woke up achy and with a head cold, by Thursday I couldn’t breathe and everything ached.

After trying to push through and get my report written I gave up on Thursday and had to surrender to the fact that I couldn’t string a full sentence together and my brain felt like it was made out of cotton wool. A good lesson in letting go and surrendering. I felt like I needed to get more done on my report but there was nothing I could do so I submitted it as it was.

I did what I could with assessments this week and didn’t attend any lectures live, instead I watched the recordings from bed in the afternoons.

I have a month to go, and if I’m going to make it out of this alive, I need to know when it’s time to stop and fully surrender to rest.

Personal learning this week: Sometimes you have to stop and rest or it’ll only get worse.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • If you’re allergic to cow’s milk there’s a 92% chance you’ll be allergic to goat’s milk too – I always thought goat’s milk was the ‘go to’ alternative for those who are allergic to cow’s milk apparently, that can’t be the case!
  • With the amount of food wasted in the UK per year – each person could get an extra 42 days of food (with adequate nutrition) – that’s nuts, every single person in the UK could have an extra 6 weeks’ worth of nutritionally adequate food per year with the amount we waste. And there’s still people going to be hungry in the UK every night.
  • Is your fridge at the right temperature? – Most fridges in the UK run at 7 degrees but they should be below 5 degrees for optimal storage and food safety. Who knew?! If you want info on how to change your fridge temperature there’s a great website you can go to:

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