My Week at Uni – Not Well

It’s been a crap week. I’ve been ill, not sure what it is: cold, flu, exhaustion, burnout. I’ve just been really unwell.

The uni week hasn’t been great either. Monday our lecture was a repeat of the previous week’s tutorial so that was a waste of everyone’s time. Our Tuesday lecture was on a really interesting topic (resilience in sports performance) but technical issues meant it was so interrupted and awkward that it was difficult to follow. Wednesday and Thursday we had our 4 hour sessions, nutrition and the immune system, child growth and food waste. All interesting but my brain was just so fuzzy it was difficult to keep up and take things in.

For one of the modules, we’ve got a group assessment. I met up with my group Thursday, the aim was to decide on a topic for our project and we did. We have a plan to move forward and know what we’re all doing for the next couple of weeks so that was a positive for the week.

Other than that, I got a grade back I wasn’t very happy with and the data analysis I needed to do didn’t get done because my head was too blurry and anything I did do wouldn’t have been great.

Not the best week but we have ‘student engagement week’ or half term next week so no lectures and I can crack on with my data analysis and dissertation write up then.

Personal learning this week: I’m not good at being ill, I need to learn to rest.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Vitamin K is made in the gut – Vitamin K plays an important role in our immune system functioning (it assists in creating blood coagulating proteins). We don’t hear much about it because the clever bacteria in our intestines make this vitamin for us. It’s not something we have to focus on getting in our diet (a bit like cholesterol or collagen) we make our own! Some people’s guts are not as good at doing this and then dietary vitamin K is important. It should be something you eat anyway because it’s found in dark leafy greens which are a must for so many different vitamins and minerals.
  • Households produce the most food waste – I thought it was hospitality or supermarkets but no, in the UK, households produce the most food waste. The biggest reason for food waste is not using food by it’s ‘use by’ date or before it goes off. This is totally avoidable and something I’m sure we could all work on.

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