My Week at Uni – Empowered

The way to get through busy times of uni: make your timetable work for you. I had a big realisation last week. I had too much work and not enough time and my uni schedule was getting in the way with unnecessary work and tasks which do not contribute to my final grade. The solution… take charge of my week and make it work for me. It’s my learning, my student debt that’s paying for this, it’s down to me how I use the time and as long as I get my degree I’m sure the uni doesn’t really care anyway!

So this week, I actually got uni assessment work done, attended lectures, caught up on missed sessions and had some time to take a dance class, do yoga every day and have fun with craft projects. The great thing about uni being online – everything is recorded and I can catch up when it works for me. I can use the times I’m most productive to do my coursework.

This week we had sessions on behaviour change theory, cancer, childhood nutrition and how to work in groups. The behaviour change session was a repeat of work from last year and the group work session was to help with the group assessment we have to do. The session on cancer and nutrition was fascinating, so much information in a short space of time, such a complex topic. We also had a session on infant and child feeding, I learnt a lot about breast milk and I never knew there was so much to learn! The Thursday session we had a workshop session on how to work in groups, sounds patronising, was a little patronising. We have a group assessment to do and so it was a session for us to meet and set some ground rules. I was really hoping we wouldn’t start that assessment just yet as the next two weeks are critical for my research project and this new assessment is not due for a very long time! Oh well. Needless to say, the group work workshop was painful and long. I did get another assessment finished and submitted before the weekend as it’s due Monday so all in all a good week.

Personal learning this week: It’s your time, you choose how you use it.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Top 5 cancer fighting foodsGreen tea (2 cups a day – does contain caffeine so keep it to the morning), curcumin (found in turmeric, more readily absorbed with black pepper), cruciferous vegetables (1 serving a day, sources: broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, radish, rocket, watercress), folate rich food (at least 400mg per day – about a serving of whole grains and a serving of dark leafy greens/broccoli, asparagus or sprouts), tomatoes (2 or more servings a week).
  • Breast milk contains the same amount of calories as white wine – 100ml of human breast milk contains 68kcal, 100ml of a dry white wine contains 70kcal per 100ml. Just shows you it’s not the calories but the nutrients that matter!

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