My Week at Uni – So Much Work

Last week I was feeling the monotony of uni and routine, this week it hit harder. This week the assessment and coursework properly kicked in and my schedule looks pretty brutal until the end of April. 3 months of intense work seems overwhelming so I’m trying to take everything one step at a time, one task at a time. It’s a little harder in practice when there’s multiple assessments running simultaneously but I’m trying to compartmentalise to keep on top of it all.

I have definitely realised that for me to get through these last few months of the degree I can’t do it all. The assessments have to be done. No two ways about it. I don’t qualify without completing the assessments but I don’t have to attend the Tuesday tutorials which so far have been a chance to have a chat and I don’t have to do the extra pieces of work set for us. Some of it is interesting and I’d love to do it but I can’t do those pieces of work and not get the assessments done. I’m someone who always likes to do their best and doesn’t like to let people down but I’d be more disappointed to not finish this degree or not get the grade I deserve because I was too busy doing an extra piece of work which wasn’t graded! So, the unnecessary is being stripped back to make space for the essential.

The assessment work is just taking up so much time and so much mental space, it’s a struggle at the moment. I know others are going through the same and it feels tough doing all this during a period of lockdown, remote learning and isolation. I’m not going to lie, it’s getting to me. I’ve drawn up a schedule to combine everything I have so I don’t miss anything and it’s a lot. I’m trying to compartmentalise so it doesn’t overwhelm but there is so much that has to be done at the same time that it isn’t really possible.

So what happened in lectures this week… Monday was our psychology lecture which was about social inequalities and exercise, it was interesting but very vague with no real conclusions or specific information provided. Wednesday, we had sessions on gut diseases and hypertension – both were really interesting and useful. Thursday we had a speedy session where we had to catch up on some stuff we’d not managed to get to last week, so in 3 hours we covered, food insecurity, gender inequality and food aid. Needless to say, it was a lot. Such important challenges and issues we’re currently facing and also interesting how COVID is also impacting our current health and food problems globally.

Personal learning this week: It’s ok to not do everything.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • If something is labelled “no sodium” it might still contain sodium – legally, the terms “sodium free” and “no sodium” can still contain <5mg sodium per serving. I know this is low but still you’d expect that label would only be able to used if actually true!
  • Losing excess weight is the most effective way to reduce your blood pressure – losing 10kg of body weight has been shown to lead to a reduction in systolic blood pressure by up to 20mmHg!
  • Eating foods rich in potassium in a 1:1 ratio with sodium helps lessen its effects – potassium can help remove sodium from the body in urine so can help reduce hypertension (high blood pressure) some of the highest potassium foods are:

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