My Week at Uni – All-consuming

My whole week is now uni. Every day, all day is filled with lectures, readings and coursework. Eat, sleep, uni, repeat. This is a full-time course but it hasn’t felt full-time until this year. Now it really is full-time. Keeping track of all the various work and assessments is a lot, I’m a very organised person so I really feel for those who struggle with that. This has been combined with moving last week so this week there was a little catching up to do but things are really ramping up now.

So, this week, we had a lecture Monday for psychology, the lecturer set homework for the next day – most people didn’t do it so he spent the time just chatting instead. Not the best use of all of our time. The lecturer seems to want to be our friend and please us rather than provide structure and tell us this work needs to be done! I’m realising the Tuesday sessions are not worth my time but with only 13 students in the group, absence is noticeable. With all the work to be done, I don’t want to waste time with a lecturer who just wants a chat. The two long morning lecturers on Wednesday and Thursday were incredible again. Wednesday, we had a session on lipoproteins which was heavy on the biochemistry and then a fascinating lecture on carbohydrate counting for diabetes management. I really enjoyed that session and I really think that’s an area I want to get into. I want to learn more. Having Type 1 Diabetes seems like a lot for people to have to manage and it can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. Reducing the burden and helping avoid adverse outcomes is so important. Thursday, we looked at dietary guidelines around the world which was super interesting and had a lecture on hunger. On Friday we had a really helpful session for our research project all about the write up of the thesis – it would have been more useful a month ago but that’s been a common theme with the timetable of this module!

I need a few more responses to my undergraduate research project so if you happen to be female and eating a plant-based diet please complete this survey it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Alternatively, if you know anyone else who fits that criteria please send them the link. Thank you, I’m super grateful!

Personal learning this week: Do the work that needs to be done, don’t add extra, there’s already enough.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • The first food composition database in America included processed foods but not dairy! – how crazy is that. There was guidance on processed food consumption but not dairy. I guess those were the needs and priorities at the time!
  • In the UK on average people only eat 1-3 portions of fruit and veg a day – in London it’s 1 – Please, please, please eat more veggies. They are so vital for your health to make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals so that your body works well and you feel awake and healthy and energetic. Eat vegetables – lots of them, you cannot eat too many.
  • It helps to be good at maths if you’re diabetic – how would you manage with having to check your blood glucose level beforeeating any meal, calculating if it needs to go up or down, working out how many carbohydrates are in the meal you’re going to eat and then working out how much insulin you need before injecting. Also, you need to consider the amount of stress you have that day and exercise as that all impacts and you need to inject insulin about 15 minutes before you eat. How would this interfere with you eating out? Would this limit spontaneity? Would this feel like it takes over your life? It’s a lot.
  • Over 2 billion people do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food – really puts things into perspective – last weekend I was moaning about how crap the avocados I’ve bought have been lately.

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