My Week at Uni – Out of Steam

You know that feeling when you just feel like you’ve run out of steam. When you feel like you have nothing left to give and you just need to stop. I’ve hit that point this week, it’s currently lunchtime Friday and I’ve got 2 assessments this afternoon – a presentation and an interview. I’m wondering how I’m going to get through and hoping for a last boost of adrenaline or alternatively will dose up on caffeine. Then, I think I need a break.

This year has been a crazy one for all of us and being diagnosed with a health condition, moving home twice, completing two diplomas, rebranding my business and going into my final year of my degree has been a lot to handle on top of the general chaos of the year. I haven’t taken a moment to stop and realise the impact as I think a lot of us do. We just keep going because we feel we have to and sometimes you realise or it takes your body or your mind or something to give you a warning sign that it’s all getting a bit much. I’m there, I need to slow down before I’m forced to. Luckily, after these two assessments, whilst I have continuing uni work, it should all slow down a little.

So aside from the exhaustion, a bit about my uni week… we had a guest lecturer for our Nutrition and Performance module who was somewhat knowledgeable but also maybe brought in for the wrong lecture as there was a section she had no experience with so relied on information from students within the class! The tutorial was also with the same lecturer and was so much better, she shared her knowledge and experience working with clients and in clinics and it was great to get some info from someone in the field and working 1:1 with clients. For our research project we had a session on data analysis which was a session we could work through in our own time. I had a brief look at it but did not do it as the assessments for the same module were far more important and time-restricted. I can catch up on that session next week or when it’s more useful (when I am analysing the data for my own project).

By the time this goes live I’ll have finished the assessments and be very ready for a weekend.

Personal learning this week: Being aware of needing to slow down or destress is not the same as actually doing something about it.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • We may be able to recycle urine to grow crops – whilst urine is a waste product for us humans, it actually contains some of the nutrients plants specifically need such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Instead of using synthesised fertilisers, a group of scientists have found a way of transforming urine into a solid fertiliser. How sustainable would that be!!!
  • A large quantity of health information online is either inaccurate or hard to understand – while researching for my project, time and time again research has shown that online health information is often inaccurate (as it can be written by anyone) and sometimes even harmful or dangerous if followed. Information that is correct is often hard to understand and not written to a level which can be read by the general public or those with an average reading ability. In a world where we get most of our information online this is very worrying!

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