My Week at Uni – Moving…Again

I spent a lot of this week consumed with the fact that my partner and I are moving Saturday, with the announcement of a second national lockdown in the UK starting on Thursday it caused a little more stress than needed but luckily the move can still happen, safely and responsibly. So, I struggled against my mind all week as it wanted to make sure everything was ready for the move whilst I knew that I couldn’t afford to have a full week off from uni work. Somehow I managed to get everything packed up as well as reading approx. 30 scientific papers, starting a presentation, prepping an assessment and attending my lectures. If you follow this blog weekly you’ll know that I recently stopped scheduling my time and clearly, it is still suiting me right now!

I had another really interesting lecture about energy balance and eating disorders in athletes. So informative and a really important topic. I found it really surprising that the tutor didn’t even give a heads up that we’d be talking about eating disorders seeing as the lecture was just titled “Energy Balance in Sports and Exercise”. It seemed a little insensitive that no trigger warning was given and that no resources were provided if anyone was either going through anything mentioned or felt triggered by it. The tutorial sounded like it was going to be useful as it was a session related to our assessment but we were just given a previous person’s assessment to read through. Something which can be helpful but seeing as that assessment is not due for another 2 months and I have some urgent ones at the moment it was just at the wrong time.

For our Research Project module they left us alone for a week to focus on our upcoming presentations, however there was some pre-recorded videos and resources provided about resilience which is a topic I’m really interested in and love learning more about whenever possible so I enjoyed going through the material.

Here’s to the move going smoothly tomorrow and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Personal learning this week: Sometimes, the less you force productivity the easier it is.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Nearly a third of the UK is overweight – 2018 statistics show 28% of the UK population are overweight or obese. This is an increase from 15% in 1993, the number has doubled in 25 years. It’s also been shown earlier and earlier in childhood.
  • Males are more likely to die from eating disorders than females – males are more likely to feel shame and less likely to seek help for an eating disorder and are also its less likely to be noticed by others as eating disorders are more common in females.
  • Hair removal does not work for those with PCOS – many people who have PCOS have the symptom of hirsutism (excessive hair growth). It can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and something many try to get rid of. There are so many hair removal methods but most of the long term and permanent ones simply don’t work for those with PCOS and here’s why. With PCOS you have high levels of testosterone and you body doesn’t get rid of it so it circulates in the blood and gets into pore causing acne or dark hairs to form. If you use hair removal which pulls the hair out from the root it should take a while to grow back again, those with PCOS still have high levels of testosterone circulating so the pores around the one you just removed the hair from may sprout new dark hairs. So, the problem continues. Treating the symptom is not the solution, we have to go to the root cause (no pun intended!) and treat the excess testosterone rather than the hirsutism.

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