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This week was our ‘student engagement’ week otherwise known as reading week or half term. The point of this week is to engage the students but as the plan was to do an event on campus and that is no longer possible nothing was arranged to replace it. So instead I was invited to a meeting with my personal tutor and had a tutorial which had been rearranged from last week.

So, with my non-uni uni week this week I had a long weekend as my partner had booked some leave from work. We planned to move a little sooner than originally thought and I spent a lot of the week thinking way too much about all the to dos to get ready to move and make sure my assessments were kept on track. I move next weekend and have an assessment the Monday straight after. If all goes to plan, we should settle in and make sure the internet it working and all will be well. As we know, plans often go awry so I’m hoping for the best but being aware that things will probably be difficult at times.

Not having uni sessions this week meant time was free for me to crack on with assessments but with the sudden move I found myself less focused, my mind full and constantly on, sleeping less and just not feeling on top of everything. I was able to get some research done but definitely not as far ahead with the presentation and interview as I want to be with only a week or so left to go. Trying to be kind to myself and remember to take things one step at a time and all will get done in the end. Somehow it always works out.

Personal learning this week: Sleep, or lack of, has a BIG impact on everything

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • 79% change their eating habits due to stress – this means some eat more and some eat a lot less. So, with this year being the ultimate stressor, if you’ve found yourself gaining a little extra weight, be kind to yourself and understand this year has been one big stress. Try and look after your mental health and reduce your stress and your healthier eating habits will follow.
  • House plants can help with isolation – Giulia Carabelli has been doing research collecting stories of people caring for plants during social isolation this year. People have found a calm through looking after plants, something to take their mind off of problems, a way to still connect with nature and so many more benefits from caring for plants over this tough year.
  • There are only 2 northern white rhinoceros left…and they’re both female – luckily there’s a conservation effort to try to rebuild this species with frozen sperm collected from males before they passed but it doesn’t look great. This is just one story of many where species are becoming extinct either due to the impact of global warming or due to hunting.

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