October Moodboard

The Autumn season is in full swing. The weather has gotten colder and the days a little darker. This autumn season provides us with a chance to slow down, reflect and let go of things which we no longer need to make way for the new when it arrives. I’ve been operating on all cylinders over September so this month, I’m honouring the season and my current needs by slowing down. Here are all the things I’m currently loving and looking forward to.


Making time for reading is always important for me. I started Les Miserables a month ago and whilst I was on holiday I thought I’d get a fair way through it. After 3 weeks, my Kindle told me I was 17% through!! Since then I’ve been plunged back into work and uni so making time to read has been essential for me. I’m trying to read for between 30 mins and 1 hour every day and maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish Les Miserables by the end of the month! The book is in an interesting format, not like anything I’ve read before.

Yin Yoga

In keeping with leaning into the Autumn season, I’m making space for more yin yoga in my life. Creating space to slow down, be still, moving from the masculine energy into the feminine. Allowing myself time to be rather than time to do. If you’re finding our energy a little bit heightened or are looking for a way to slow down and give your mental health a bit of a boost I’d definitely recommend it. There are lots of resources available online. If you are looking for 1:1 tuition get in touch.


Over this Autumn season I am hosting very different workshops. I kicked it off last weekend with a Headstand workshop, next weekend I have a Nutrition workshop and in November there’s a Self-Care workshop. I absolutely adore leading group workshops, they’re a way to spend time really delving into a topic. Working with small groups also allows us to explore the workshop topic in relation to the people attending too which is just such an incredible opportunity. I am so excited for these sessions! There are tickets available to attend online or at the studio. For more info or to book head over to A Fine Balance.


I was recently gifted a sewing machine by my partner’s mum. I love crafting and creating. I’m yet to properly make anything but I’m excited to get going seeing what it’s possible to make!

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