My Week at Uni – Poor Mental Health

This week my mental health took a swan dive. I’d felt a little low the week before but this week was a hard one. I’ve had to take stock of where I am and work out how I can get through this coming year. My uni schedule and work has meant that this week I won’t have had a single day off. Whilst that’s doable for an odd week, it’s not ok long-term. I can’t burn myself out just a couple of weeks into the academic year so changes need to be made.

This last year of uni is going to require a lot more of my time than I initially thought and if I don’t put the time in now, it’s going to catch up with me down the line. I’ve had the usual lectures this week: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I caught up with some friends from uni on Tuesday which was really nice seeing that we don’t get to properly chat now we’re not physically meeting at uni. I realised the Friday lecture is repeated a on Tuesday and Thursday too so I might attend on one of those days rather than at the time I’m supposed to. That way I free my Friday back up and can use it for work or maybe even a day off! The Nutrition and Performance lecture was all about carbohydrates and it was just incredible, so fascinating and so informative. I’m really enjoying that module and cannot wait to learn more. I’m getting myself started with projects and assessments now and it’s going to mean scheduling in more time for that work (another reason to squeeze Friday’s lecture into a different day!)

So far, I have learnt that this last year is a lot more work, a lot more self-directed learning and a lot more interesting.

Personal learning this week: You cannot do everything and you need to put yourself first.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Your brain can increase athletic performance –when exercising for long periods of time we need to take in carbohydrates to replenish our levels of glucose otherwise our muscles fatigue and we cannot perform to the same level anymore. Less than 2 hours exercise and this isn’t really needed. However, if you do provide carbohydrates during exercise shorter than 2 hours receptors in the mouth send signals to the brain increasing a sense of wellbeing which allows the athlete to train harder!!! (Read the full article here.)
  • Children need less routine not more – I read a fascinating article written by a psychologist who explains that structuring children’s free time too much stops children learning how to tackle new challenges, how to self-direct their time and how to be bored and find their own entertainment and creativity.
  • Google filters your results depending on location – I watched The Social Dilemma this week, one of the things that came up which I was not aware of at all was that the suggestion list that comes up on google is not based on all searches but is based on your location and other factors individual to you. Our tech knows far more about us than we realise. It’s really freaking scary.

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