August Moodboard

With the weather we’ve been having in England lately, it sure is feeling like summer. It’s sunny and warm and the beaches are back to being crowded (even if they shouldn’t be). This is my last full month before I start back at university and it’s a busy one. I’m working a lot and seeing family, getting organised before having a holiday and then settling into a final year of study.

Here’s to August and all the things I’m really enjoying at the moment.

Iced Drinks

With the hot weather, I have been enjoying a lot of my usual hot drinks in a colder version. These are my faves and how I easily make them:

Iced Tea – Brew 4 tea bags in a small amount of hot water for 5 minutes, remove the tea bags, add the hot tea to a 1L container and fill with cold water. Put in the fridge and whenever you want some just pour over ice.

Iced Coffee – Brew your coffee. Add about 100ml of cold milk (hazelnut tastes INCREDIBLE), and some ice to a glass, add the shot of coffee and top with cold water (the colder the better), stir and enjoy.

Iced Matcha – dissolve 1tsp of matcha in a small amount hot water (it dissolves best with a bamboo whisk or you can shove it in a little blender quickly! In a glass with ice, add about 100ml of milk (I prefer soy), add the matcha and top with cold water (the colder the better), stir and enjoy.

Yoga Studios Reopening

Just a couple of days ago I found myself back in my favourite yoga studio teaching to actually human beings (not just a computer screen) for the first time in about 5 months! It has been amazing to still share yoga with people in an online capacity but there’s something just so special about practising in a studio with people. I’m back teaching my classes at A Fine Balance Studio and I’m loving it. The classes will still be streamed online so those unable to attend in person for any reason can still join the classes online.

My weekly schedule is Wednesdays 6.30pm Yoga Flow and Sunday 8.45am Slow Flow and Yin. I’m also covering the 10.30am Yoga Flow class on Sunday 16th and 23rd August. As well as Yin this Friday at 6.30pm. You can book classes via their website. If you want to keep up with the yoga classes I teach follow me on Instagram.

All Trails App

A couple of weekends ago my partner and I went to West Sussex for the weekend, our aim was just to get out of London and go for some nice long walks in the countryside. I went on the All Trails app and it was so useful. You can search for walks in specific locations, look for different lengths, different difficulty levels, etc. There are reviews from other people and photos so you can choose the best route for you. We went on 6 walks over the weekend and the app just made it super easy. I think you can also just use their website too if you don’t want to download the app.

Yogamatters Yoga Mat

With the return to yoga studios we have to be more conscious of the cleanliness of the studio and equipment. Studios are requiring people to bring their own mat and equipment and to make sure it’s really clean. I have quite an expensive yoga mat I don’t want to be cleaning it with disinfectant because it’ll ruin the material. I also have some cheaper yoga mats and at the moment am super grateful for my Yogamatters yoga mat. It’s a really great mat, it doesn’t cost the earth and it doesn’t seem to get ruined by stronger cleaning sprays in the same way that other mats do. I am in no way affiliated with Yogamatters it’s just a mat I love and would highly recommend.

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