My Story – My Journey

Where do I even begin. I’m Cory, 30 years old and in true millennial form am writing a blog about my life as if it’s important enough to be put out into the world for people to read! My reason for writing this is not because of ego but to let people know they are not alone. We often go through life thinking we’re the only ones who have experienced certain things but we’re not. Whilst we are all special and unique, what we think, feel and experience has all been thought, felt and experienced before. It helps us to feel less alone when we can connect with another’s story.

I had a good childhood: a loving family, lots of holidays and adventures. I was very academic and loved reading and learning. Being introverted I struggled with being around lots of people and preferred having just a few close friends. I was bullied at school for how I looked because I never was ‘feminine’ and people teased me about my hair. I felt a lot of sadness about the way I looked, there were some pretty dark thoughts too, it got worse through teenage years and I have had episodes of depression throughout my life. I’ve been on medication, I’ve seen a therapist, but I’ve also found yoga and mindfulness and a lifestyle which helps me stay out of that dark place. It’s something I’m consciously aware of in my life and actively work to keep it at bay. I’ve learnt that our mental health, like our physical health is not something you should wait until it goes wrong to deal with but something we should be nurturing and taking care of every day.

The biggest journey and learning I’ve had has been through my work. I left uni early for a job, I was able to study and get my qualifications whilst working which made a lot of sense to me, I’d had friends who left uni with a degree but were unable to get a job. I dove head first into work, I’ve always done that with everything I do. I worked hard, I studied hard, I climbed that ladder like you’re supposed to. I was 24, managing people older than myself, running training for 200 staff, working 70+ hours per week and sleeping an average of 5 hours a night. Finally, my body gave out, I went to hospital with chest pain and was told my heart looked like that of an 80 year old. Part of my heart was enlarged, it could only take so much stress. That should have been my moment of clarity but it wasn’t. I continued working in the hospital and my boss let me, in fact, she made me feel as though I had no choice. Over the next year, work became more stressful, I was completing another qualification whilst working in what had become a completely toxic environment. I finally came to the realisation that I needed to get out. I spoke to colleagues in the same field (HR) in other companies and it just wasn’t for me anymore. I took a few months to work out what I wanted to do and after a lot of soul searching decided I wanted to help people with nutrition. The importance of food in our health cannot be understated and I had seen how much it had helped me, focusing on diet over the year after my hospital visit. Problem was, I’d have to go back to university if I wanted to do it properly. So, I took the plunge decided to quit my job, sell my property (couldn’t afford a mortgage as a student!) and go back to university. I had an 8 month gap in between and took the time to travel. Whilst travelling, my love of yoga grew into a daily practice and I decided to do my yoga teacher training. Uni began and I started teaching yoga. Over the 3 years, my business has grown and changed, I’ve completed more qualifications and developed my business to offer life coaching as well. I get so much joy out of helping others and find the conversations I have with people help us get to realisations quicker than if we have to work things out as individuals.

I’ve recently found out I have poly-cystic ovaries which is a whole new thing. I’m still processing what this means for me and have been through every emotion about it. I’m not a fan of labels, I find them restricting and to have another label to carry around feels like a burden.

I have a year left of university and then who knows what! It’s all a journey and that’s what I love about it all. Life changes and evolves, we change and evolve, us humans are so adaptable and our bodies and minds are stronger than we give them credit for most of the time.

2 thoughts on “My Story – My Journey

  1. Well done Cory! It’s very well written and brave to put it out there. 🥰

    1. Thanks Emma =]

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