July Moodboard

I cannot believe 6 months of 2020 have gone already. In some ways this coronavirus world seems like it’s how things have always been and in other ways I still can’t get used to it! I feel like I’m simultaneously wishing for 2021 and trying to enjoy the moment and the good that’s present even now. I know I’m not alone and we’re all feeling on edge, antsy and just not quite right.

I also have a lot to be happy, grateful and excited about so let’s get cracking with what’s keeping me sane this month!

Life Coaching

I launched my life coaching offerings yesterday (eeekkkk!!) and I cannot be more excited to be able to share these services with the world. Supporting others to find and live their truth and ultimately live a more content and happy life is something I’m so so passionate about. I’m giving discounts for people who sign up during the month of July so if you’re interested or know someone who is now might be the time to book in! Click here for more info.


With more places being open and holidays being allowed, I’m looking forward to getting out and exploring the UK a little more. Going abroad is probably a bit of a stretch for 2020 so we’re planning in some adventures a little closer to home. There’s so much countryside I’ve yet to explore so I’m pretty excited to see a bit more of the UK! This month we’ve got a weekend away in the Sussex countryside, after a few months stuck in East London it sounds like pure bliss. Feeling very excited and very lucky to be able to get out and explore for a bit!

I’ve really been missing my trips to the theatre. If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know I love a £5 standing ticket at the Globe Theatre. I usually try and get to one show every month over the summer period. Shakespeare’s Globe has gone online and there are full plays available to watch on their YouTube channel! So incredible, not quite the same atmosphere as being in the beautiful outdoor theatre but at least you don’t have to worry about the weather!

Ally Pally’s Outdoor Beer Garden

I love Alexandra Palace, it’s a fricking beautiful venue. They’ve set up London’s largest beer garden on their terrace. It’s all socially distanced and you order and pay for food and drinks via an app. You have to pay to book a table but the views are fantastic. My partner and I are thinking of treating ourselves and going one weekend but we just need to work out how to get there. A long tube journey with a face mask on doesn’t sound fun!

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