June Moodboard

It’s June!!!!! May disappeared so fast. We’re still social distancing but we’ve been given some freedoms to get outside a bit more which has been wonderful with the beautiful sunshine lately. I have finished university for the summer and am excited about the few months I have ahead, even if holidays and plans have changed somewhat!! So here we are with another moodboard: all the things I’ve been loving lately and some things I’m looking forward to.

June: Sunshine, Summer, Walks, Coast

Spicy Bean Burgers

This recipe from Madeline Olivia is so easy to make and is my go to burger recipe. Like most vegan burgers it’s a bit smooshy in a bun but holds it’s shape better than most. I like to have it in a ciabatta roll and it’s just delicious.

The Psychopath Test

This is a brilliant book which delves into the world of mental illnesses and disorders with a focus on psychopathy. It’s so so funny and really interesting. I really recommend this book.

Free Yoga

I’m continuing to hold free lunchtime yoga sessions each weekday. Whilst some people are returning back to work many are still working from home and some are currently not able to work so I’m sharing free practices every day. These sessions are gentle yoga focusing on stretching, breathing and taking a little bit of a break away from whatever you’re doing during the week to check in with yourself. So if you’d like to join me just drop me an email on cory@thenutritionyogi.net – you can join every day, once a week, or now and again when you have the time just let me know the day/days you want to practice.


I am so happy my partner discovered this. If you’re missing F1 racing and eagerly awaiting this season which should be in July (eeekkk!!!) for now F1 TV could give you your fix. They have an archive of races to watch with some complete seasons available as well documentaries and loads more to watch. I think some of it’s free but it’s less than £3 per month to subscribe; well worth it to keep entertained while we wait for the 2020 season to begin!

I have not yet used this app but I’m so excited to! You can use this to search for hikes and walks anywhere. I’ve found a walk nearby to me and am excited to explore somewhere new to me whilst I’m a bit limited to where I can get to!

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