May Moodboard

This month I’m sharing something a little different I’m splitting May’s moodboard into groups of things I’ve been enjoying whilst being stuck at home, things that have been keeping my sane and helping me to stay happy and mindful in this strange, strange time. I hope you are well wherever you are and I hope some of these recommendations help you find some happiness this month.

May: Flowers, Long Weekends, Change, Growth


Under the Skin with Russell Brand

This podcast is normally available on Luminary but they’ve released some free snippets of recent podcasts and they are amazing. I really recommend his interviews with Julia Cameron and Ricky Gervais; Russell has a really interesting way of interviewing and getting different information from people delving into spirituality and mindfulness.

Happy Place

In these podcast episodes Fearne Cotton interviews people discussing all things mental health and finding happiness in whatever life situation you are in. Powerful, beautiful, inspiring conversations, these podcasts are sooooo good. Some of my recent favourites: Kelly Jones, Russell Brand, Sarah Wilson.

Yoga Girl: Conversations from the Heart

Rachel Brathen’s podcast some interviews, some insights, some chit chat. These podcasts are great for reminding me that whatever I am going through, I am not alone. Released every Friday, I always listen straight away, these conversations bring me peace, contentment and a little inspiration.


Banana Bread

This recipe is the best I have made to date and I have made a lot! Simple ingredients, vegan, gluten free. Easy to make and just so tasty.

Seitan Sausages

I love making these for pasta dishes and to put in wraps for lunch. This is my current favourite seitan sausage recipe. It doesn’t require a food processor and whilst there are a lot of ingredients you can substitute items and it still works really well! Also no need to steam these first like you usually do with seitan, just straight in the oven!


This is the easiest and tastiest naan recipe I’ve found. I freaking love it. You only need to leave the dough to prove for 30 mins (longer if you have time) so you can do it before you start your curry and by the time you’ve finished it’s ready to be cooked!


Keep Crafting and Carry On

This programme is available to watch on All 4. There are 10 episodes filmed across 2 weeks. Each episode shows at least 3 different crafting activities for you to try with stuff you may already have at home. A great one if you’re looking for something to do and ways to reduce your anxiety.

Knitting and Crochet – free patterns

I love knitting and crocheting, so relaxing and it’s great seeing something you’ve made at the end of a project! These are my favourite websites for free knitting patterns: Deramores, Wool and the Gang, Love Crafts.

Photo Cross-Stitch

I love sewing and have done quite a few of these in the past. You send a photo, get given a pattern and threads and sew to your heart’s content to turn a photo into a sewn masterpiece. A long project but great if it’s something you enjoy. Here’s the company I used for mine.


Absolutely Fabulous

I have been rewatching this TV show and it brings me so much joy. If you’ve never seen it before – you’re missing out. Short episodes make it easy to binge watch or just watch an episode here and there. It’s available to watch on Netflix.

How I Met Your Mother

This is another show I’ve been rewatching: easily, silly, funny; great light-hearted entertainment. It’s another one that’s easy to get through a season quite quickly with short episodes but there are a lot of seasons! It’s available to watch on Netflix.

The Lord of The Rings (Extended Editions)

With a little more time available we’ve just finished watching the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Such good films and the shorter versions miss so much action and so many story lines! Also made me want to go back to New Zealand…maybe one day!

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