My Week at Uni – Extremes

It’s felt like a week of extremes, lots of work but also lots of down time, lots of stress and anxiety but some moments of pure joy. Not sure if it’s a symptom of being stuck inside or if it’s because of the full moon but everything has felt heightened, emotions have been stronger and thoughts have been harder to separate from.

I had a big exam Tuesday so Monday and Tuesday was full of prep for that. I had to wait until 1pm for my exam slot and personally, I like to get the exam done as early as possible in the day so I don’t ruminate about it and get so antsy. The exam went well, it was an interview to present some information and be asked questions and, nerves aside, it all went smoothly. I also submitted a coursework assessment which was a lot quicker and easier than I expected so that was a happy surprise. I also received a couple of grades back which I was very happy with. I had two last sessions, one was a lecture about coaching skills and the other session just explained what we need to do for our assessment which is due in a few weeks’ time.

So that’s it. Semester 2 of year 2 of my degree (year 3 of my current studies) is over. No more learning weeks just one written assessment and 2 exams. I officially finish mid-May and will do a round up of the year once it’s done and I’ve had time to process everything. It feels odd that this year’s over, it’s finished very differently to the last two years and not just because we’ve been doing lectures and exams from home. We’ve also got an assessment to do in the time between the end of semester and the exam period so this needs to be done along side revision but there’s lots of time so it doesn’t feel like too much. Just different.

Not sure how long we’ll be stuck inside for but feeling very grateful that I have my health and I’m warm and safe. Sending love to everyone out there in whatever situation you’re in. Stay safe and I’ll be back for my final year in September!

Personal learning this week: Life is like surfing you try and find balance to ride the waves as well as the calm and if something knocks you off balance you can always find it again. (I don’t surf, not sure why this analogy came to me!)

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

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