My Week at Uni – Online Exams

And so the busy time of exams and assessments has begun. We had an exam this week, we have another next week, a couple of assessments due and then two exams in our official exam period. It’s all a bit new and different as we try to navigate exams from home. This week there has been a lot of ups and downs emotionally, not sure if it’s hormones or just a reaction to all the change at the moment. There’s been a lot going on and everything’s different. Resilience is definitely a characteristic I’m trying to build up at the moment.

Monday, we had another of our lectures for Health and Exercise Practices. As usual the topic was fascinating, all about behaviour change, but the lecturer tried to make it interactive and the online system really doesn’t work well that way so there was a lot of messing around and quiet time. These online sessions really do lend themselves best to the lecturers delivering the content we need to learn as boring as that may seem it’s how it works best doing distance learning. Tuesday, we had a consolidation session which ended up mainly being a big q&a about the two exams we have for the Physiology module, it was a bit of a frustrating session as a lot of the questions had already been answered. We had our exam on Thursday, it was a multiple choice question exam which is nothing too stressful and is the easiest kind of exam to do. It was quite nice being able to sit comfortably at home with a cup of tea and some music on to do the exam. It reduced the anxiety that can build just going into an exam environment.

So now there’s only 1 week left of lectures. There’s an exam on Tuesday which I’m pretty nervous about and a short assessment which needs to get done. I’m feeling ok about the time we have to get the work done but just looking forward to getting it over with now.

Personal learning this week: The only certainty in life is change. You can embrace it or not, it’s still going to happen!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Skipping as an adult is difficult – I know this has nothing to do with nutrition but with the lack of lectures this week and all the news being about coronavirus I’m a bit low on new information. I’ve been skipping to get some cardio in from home (sorry downstairs neighbours!) and I’ve been experimenting with different ways of skipping rather than just jumping up and down. I found this easy as a child but now it’s difficult to co-ordinate so easily.
  • Trying new recipes can be bad – Usually I have so much fun trying new recipes. I really fancied some banana muffins and found a recipe which looked good. Turned out no matter how long they were in the oven they remained a gooey mess and just started to burn. Very disappointing.
  • Setting goals and tasks can help bring back routine and stability in times of change – This week planning in things which are usually habitual has been really beneficial for me. With all this change, making it a priority to keep up with good habits has helped keep me sane!

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