Turning Goals into Habits (and a free Habit Tracker)

I’m usually pretty good with keeping up with habits, if I can get into a routine, it just happens, it becomes habitual. Being stuck at home and thrown out of routine at the moment during the current pandemic some of my usual habits (like reading) have gone out the window. Without my normal structure everything gone a bit up in the air. I miss reading and want to get it back into my life. In reminding myself of what I do to make sure a habit truly sticks I thought I’d share the process with you as you may well be feeling the same way!

Find your why

Why do you want to do it? What’s the purpose? To bring you more joy, to learn something new, to help a friend. Whatever it is, having a clear why helps focus your intention and helps you to stick to it.

Write it down

Put it in writing. Even better put it somewhere you’ll see it all the time – a post it on the mirror, on your lock screen on your phone, write it on your hand. Putting it down in writing makes it more definite and if you can see it all the time it’ll remind you to do it.

Tell a friend

If you know you need accountability – someone to help keep you on track. Tell someone who can ask you about it and cheer you on. It’s always easier to do something when you have someone in your corner rooting for you.

Be realistic

Don’t be overambitious – it’ll be hard and it’ll take the enjoyment out of it and it won’t stick. You can always increase the goal/habit once it has formed. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Tie it to another habit

Make it easy for yourself – if you have something you do everyday already can you add your new habit on top. E.g. make your morning coffee and then read for 15 minutes while you drink it; or stretch while the kettle is boiling; or after your brush your teeth you make the bed. Whatever it is if you can combine habits in some way, you add it on rather than make it a whole new thing.

Track your progress

Track your progress so you can celebrate what you achieve. If you do it for a whole week – that’s awesome. You can give yourself stickers each day and who doesn’t like stickers?! Or track multiple habits to keep an eye if there’s certain days you struggle to do it or don’t remember. I don’t like to see an empty day so it helps me to keep myself accountable by tracking my progress. If you want a free habit tracker template you can find one on my free stuff page!

If you have any other suggestions which can help people turn goals into habits please leave them below!

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