My Week at Uni – Lockdown

This week was the week our Prime Minister announced we had to stay at home. Not just distancing and being cautious but actually stay home unless absolutely essential. It’s an important measure that I totally agree with to help stop the spread of this virus and the huge burden on the NHS. Staying home and not spending time travelling has left me with spare time I don’t usually have, so this week has felt a lot more focused and productive. I’ve spent more time exercising and writing, I’ve practiced yoga with my partner and our families (online) which has been so much fun. I’ve mainly spent my ‘spare’ time really getting organised with my uni work and prep for upcoming exams.

Monday, we had a live stream lecture online. It’s a module I really love but this week was a bit slow going. The lecturer is a really interactive teacher and enjoys involving everyone with polls and group work and lots of questions. The online system the uni uses is a little slow and doesn’t lend itself well to that style of teaching. So it felt a little forced, a little slow-paced and we spent the last 30 minutes in silence whist people tried to access the same YouTube videos to watch. It didn’t help that it was a topic I already knew a lot about from my own research (health inequalities) so I was left wanting more from the subject. Tuesday and Thursday our lectures were pre-recorded which meant they were a bit more useful than Mondays; I could access the sessions when I wanted to watch them at the pace that worked for me – speeding up or slowing down, going back and checking information. We had sessions on ‘Muscle Growth’ and the role of ‘Protein in Health and Disease’. Both useful and informative. The protein lecture was more of a revision session as it’s a topic we’ve spent a lot of time on over the last 3 years in so many different modules.

My partner and I have been doing ok being at home. We went out to get some shopping yesterday and we’ve gone out for runs some mornings to wake ourselves up and move around to start the say.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well and hopefully able to find some benefit in slowing down, helping others and connecting in different ways. Sending love to everyone.

Personal learning this week: You can focus on what you can’t do or you can focus on what you can do. You decide.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Use it or lose it – Nutrition and exercise are important at all life stages. The impact of sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss) can be reduced with an increase of protein (from 0.75g per kg of body weight per day to 1.0-1.3g per kg of body weight per day) combined with twice-weekly progressive resistance training. As you age – use your muscle or you lose your muscle and nobody wants to be frail and immobile.
  • By 2060 life expectancy could reach 100 years old – This is from a study in 2002, so the stat could be different now but still interesting. The problem we face in developed countries is that we need to try to increase the length of our healthspan inline with the length of our lifespan. We are living for longer but not in good health.
  • There are so many incredible workouts available for free online – YouTube is one such place, a quick search for upper body home work out and there are so many to choose from. So ,whilst you stay home and help keep everyone safe and well, keep yourself well by finding some workouts to do from the comfort of your own home. If you’re interested in yoga check out my blog from earlier this week sharing my favourite online yoga classes.

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