My Week at Uni – Online

This week I’ve been home. Social distancing or whatever you want to call it. Trying to do my bit not to spread this virus further and get us through this current situation as quickly as possible with as much compassion for others as possible.

All lectures have been done online and the system we use is really good. Not sure why it’s not used all the time anyway allowing people to attend lectures from anywhere in the world. All the usual stuff. Monday was a session on resilience – particularly using mindfulness to build resilience – right up my street. Tuesday, we had our last stats session which was ok and a session on neural adaptations to exercise which was intense. Interesting and lots of information but a little overwhelming and a little too much to fully take in! Thursday we had a lecture about undernutrition in developed countries which was interesting but as usual the delivery was a bit lacking. I’ve also found myself with a lot more time now I’m not commuting and without teaching classes so I finished and submitted another assessment this week and sorted revision notes for an upcoming exam. It’s nice to feel on top of my uni work and I’ve got more I want to get through but after that I think I’ll be able to crack on with some work stuff I’ve been wanting to do which is pretty damn exciting.

It’s been ok for me being at home, I get a bit antsy if I don’t get outside at all during the day but I’ve got so much to keep myself occupied with that I’m ok. My partner is struggling a bit, he really found it difficult in Iceland with the lack of any daylight and being cooped up working from home he seems to be feeling the same. Not sure how things will change or how long we’ll be home for but we’ll all need to keep supporting each other to get through the strange situation we find ourselves in!

I hope you and yours are all ok and keeping safe. Sending love to everyone.

Personal learning this week: Just because I have more time doesn’t mean I don’t have to fill it with to dos!!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • It costs so much more to treat a malnourished person – in a clinical setting, it costs 2-3 times more to provide treatment for a person who is undernourished. I had no idea, it makes sense – infections hit harder if you are malnourished, your immune system is compromised and so treatment takes longer and therefore costs more.
  • Ducks eat meat? – Not all ducks but there is one who does! The South Georgia pintail scavenges on dead seals. How odd!
  • Your body really starts aging from 30 – Oh no, I guess it’s all down hill from here then! As we age, we lose muscle mass, bone density, produce less collagen along with so many other different factors. These things happen over time but they start happening at a faster rate from 30. Eating well, exercising regularly, sleep, taking time to look after your mental health as well as your physical health, all those good things really help to decrease the rate this happens at and keep your body functioning well for longer.

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