My Week at Uni – Unsettled

After moving last weekend, I’ve been feeling pretty unsettled. To be expected really but I’ve been trying to do things to help ground me in myself and in the new space we’re inhabiting. Lots of yoga and cooking and journaling. Still not quite feeling at home and I’m not sure I properly will as it’s a temporary situation.

Uni this week we had a long session on Monday about addiction, particularly smoking. Lots of interesting information, a bit of a weird session when studying a degree in nutrition but lifestyle factors really impact on overall health and well-being. Tuesday, we had an exam prep session which was really useful, feeling quite excited to revise and prep for the practical exam we have which is a weird thing to say but I really like the physiology module. I caught up on a missed Iron lecture which was very interesting, it’s such an important nutrient as it’s the most common micronutrient deficiency.

We finished off the week with a session on anti-nutrients which was interesting but confusing. Basically, there are certain nutrients in some foods which can block the absorption of other nutrients but overall it doesn’t cause too much of a problem unless you have specific health conditions or real trouble absorbing certain nutrients already. As always, a ‘balanced’ and varied diet focused around plants will never do you wrong. We also had lectures on fats and carbohydrates which was just a lot of repetition of information given to us in previous years.

Outside of uni I spent a lot of time travelling back and forth to our old place sorting out cleaners, organising the collection of some furniture and handing over our keys. Spent a lot of time in the kitchen and on my yoga mat…not at the same time. Taught some really fun yoga classes and planned out some of the work I want to get on with soon.

I have an assessment due in just over a week and really need to start getting on with it now the move is out the way and the handovers have all been done. Time to get refocused.

Personal learning this week: Spending time on self-care can gain you time in productivity. 15 minutes meditating can take away so much procrastination time!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Guinea pigs can’t make vitamin C – just like human beings ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is an essential nutrient which means it needs to be consumed in the diet, the body does not make it but needs it. Guinea pigs can get vitamin c from eating fruits and vegetables.
  • One boiled egg can reduce absorption of iron in a meal by as much as 28% – a phosphoroprotein called phosvitin found in eggs lowers the bioavailability of iron. This does not mean eggs are unhealthy for you. They are a good source of protein and healthy fats, it’s just an interesting interaction of nutrients. It’s only something to consider if you have Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA).
  • Alcohol enhances iron absorption – between 20 and 30 percent of heavy drinkers absorb twice as much iron as normal. This does not mean that you should become a heavy drinker to get your iron. Alcoholics or those consuming a lot of alcohol can have toxic levels of iron building up in the body. Just as we can be iron deficient, we can also consume too much.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy products more tightly regulated than tobacco products – this just blows my mind. The tobacco industry lacks sufficient regulation and is big money. There are more than 600 permitted additives to tobacco products…more than 600.

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