My Week at Uni – Trudging On

I’ve had a productive week. Nothing like running out of time to get you moving on an assessment!! I’ve also had some health stuff going on so sitting and working has been easy for me to do as I haven’t wanted to move around too much.

Monday’s lecture was great as always. We discussed exercise and movement in terms of behaviour change and public health. I ran some errands in the afternoon. Tuesday, we had a short session for Research Methods – the module is coming to a close even though we still have half of Semester 2 to go. It’s one less thing to add into the week so it’ll be pretty good for that to slow down after reading week. Wednesday I was able to get my head down and get writing for a big assessment. Thursday, I was unable to get into uni so I did the lecture from home; we looked at nutrition during breastfeeding, lactation and infant feeding which is a topic I’m really interested in because it’s such an extreme time for the human body and our needs are so very different yet we rarely make the adjustments to our diet that are truly needed. I completed a small assessment for my Diet in Health and Disease module, which was another small win. Friday, today more time with my head down writing for this assessment.

It’s been heavy on the uni work this week and light on the business work/personal stuff. Next week I’m on holiday for my partner’s birthday for most of the week and the week after is reading week and my partner and I are moving house. So with a busy couple of weeks ahead it’s been important to get some writing down and get this assessment moving along. It’s a lot of reading and interpreting scientific papers and it’s just not my bag. It’s important that I understand how to do it but I don’t enjoy it and it takes me a while. So I’m trying to be patient with myself and take the time I need to do this properly, even if I don’t really want to!

Personal learning this week: It’s ok to sit on the sofa in your dressing gown for half a day if it helps get the work done, it’s also ok to go out for a 5k run first thing in the morning, spend time making breakfast and then get the laptop open if that helps get the work done. Focus comes in different ways on different days.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Some animals have a cloaca – how incredible is that word ‘cloaca’, the plural is ‘cloacae’, love the sound of the word. A cloaca is an orifice (hole/opening) that serves both the urinary and digestive tracts, it can also involve the reproductive tract. All amphibians and reptiles have these and some mammals. Some birds mate with a cloacal kiss pressing their cloacae together to transfer sperm from the male to the female. (I bet you weren’t expecting that in this blog!)
  • 18% of children and young people are meeting the current Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day – good habits start in childhood – how can children be moving so little! This is so worrying.
  • Breast milk is low protein – Breast milk contains 0.9g protein per 100ml this is perfect for infants; a high protein content can be too much for an infant’s kidneys to process. Breast milk is so perfect for babies providing all the needed macro and micro nutrients they need along with other factors which boost the infant’s immune system and help maturation of the body. Isn’t the human body incredible!

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