February Moodboard

It’s February! I haven’t had the best of starts to 2020. Back pain, anxiety, stress, property drama, uni assessments and lots of change; I feel like I’m coming out of this and am looking forward to the month ahead. This year is a leap year so we have 29 days and my friend Helen has an actual birthday day yippee! There are a lot of family birthdays this month including my wonderful partner and my brother-in-law. Happy birthday to all the February-born people!

February: Fun, Cold, Travel, Love, Fast

Love Not Landfill

This time of year we often clear out clutter to make space for the new year and any new goals we may have. If you’re getting rid of any clothing or textiles find your local Love Not Landfill clothes bank. They accept all fabrics whether they can be worn again or need to be chopped up or made into something new. Nothing should go to landfill. This company will find a use for your old fabrics and clothing. Click the here to find your closest bank (only in London).

Minimal: How to Simplify Your Life and Live More Sustainably – Madeleine Olivia

This book is awesome; it’s an ultimate guide to minimalism. I rarely buy new books now day but that is an author I really wanted to support and a book I really wanted to have a physical copy of. The book is a complete collection of important facts and information, tips and suggestions, recipes and ways to make your own journey into minimalism and sustainability. It’s a book I’ll be referring back to when making my own cleaning products and future sustainable swaps. I also love the super cute illustrations.

Living Mindfully Workshop

I’m so fricking excited about running my first mindfulness workshop this month. I cannot wait to work with a group of people and help provide tangible ways to add more mindfulness into their daily lives.

During this 2 hour workshop we will delve into the world of mindfulness, what it really means and how we can apply it into our everyday lives without disrupting our normal daily routines. Living more mindfully truly can help us be happier and calmer, improve our relationships and sense of well-being. It doesn’t have to be tough and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. I’ll help you explore the best ways to integrate mindfulness seamlessly into life to help you feel, see and experience the benefits. There are still spaces available if you’d like to come along. Book here.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies curated by Scarlett Curtis

Words do not do this books justice. This book is not only an important collection of feminist writings, it’s also informative, funny, emotional, beautiful and heartbreaking. I wish everyone could read this book. Particularly poignant and emotive chapters for me were: Jameela Jamil ‘Tell Him’, Keira Knightley ‘The Weaker Sex’ and Dolly Alderton ‘Dismantling and Destroying Internalized Misogyny: To-Do List’.

Travelling more sustainably

I love travelling but I also care about the planet. The two are difficult to reconcile. I’m excited this year to work out how to travel more sustainably. Looking at train options rather than flights etc. It’s amazing when you start looking into different options, there are so many and it opens up options to stop off places and experience travel in a completely new way.


Linking in with the one above. This month, my partner and I are going on holiday for his birthday (something we do each year). Instead of going abroad we’re going to explore a bit more of this beautiful country we already live in and go for some long walks in the countryside.

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