My Week at Uni – Anxiety…again

This week was tough. My mental health was not in great shape. Whilst I’m generally pretty good at managing my anxiety sometimes it takes over. This week was one of those.

I began the week feeling shaky, too many thoughts, shortness of breath. Meditation, yoga, all the usual techniques just weren’t cutting it. By Tuesday I had a full-blown panic attack. It was a rough day. Slowly, piece by piece I’ve felt more in control.

Despite this underlying overwhelm during my week, the week overall was a good one. Lectures were fairly good. We had a fun lab session for physiology which is always really interesting. The biggest breakthrough of the week was feeling like I made progress with a big assessment I’m working on. I’ve found a bit of a shift lately: enjoying my work and wanting to spend time on my business, not enjoying uni as it takes me away from the work I want to do. In this stage of my life I need to knuckle down and prioritise uni, taking things slower with my business desires. It’s not forever and I need to keep that focus.

As I’ve got to the end of the week my mind has felt clearer and it’s seemed like I’ve had more time. Here’s to hoping this feeling stays with me into the rest of the semester!

Personal learning this week: The importance of slowing down to get more done.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Coprolite is fossilised poo – Yes, it’s a thing! Coprolite can be used to determine the diet of our ancestors. Pretty damn cool, also pretty damn weird.
  • Could sleeper trains in Europe help reduce our carbon footprint? – With the increase in awareness of the carbon impact of flights people are becoming more conscious and aware of the amount of flights they take. Europe has always had a good train network but could sleeper trains help reduce the number of flights people take as we can get further afield without taking time out of our day exploring on holiday or to get to a meeting for a business trip. If this topic interests you check out this article:
  • Could psychedelics help reduce our carbon footprint? – A recent study made claims that psychedelics may not only improve mental health but may also help overcome our inaction around the climate crisis. The study looks into the emotional responsiveness of participants and found an increase in a feeling of ‘connectedness’ to oneself, others and the natural world around them. We are in the midst of a climate crisis yet many people are not making changes or taking action to help the health of our environment. This increase in connection and awareness of the world and environment may just be the missing ingredient to get people to act. The study is pretty interesting if you want to give it a read:

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