If Only…

Every Monday at 7am, the wonderful people signed up to my Mindful Mondays mailing list get an email with an activity, thought, quote or task to bring a little more mindfulness to the week.

I got a lot of responses on this week’s email and want to share it on here so it can reach more people, maybe you’ll find some benefit from working through the process I outline.

This week I want to get you thinking about your ‘if only…’.

I would love to meditate every day… if only I had the time.

If only I didn’t have to save money, I’d be able to go on holiday.

I would be so happy…if only I didn’t have to work.

We all have these, that reason, that excuse as to why we’re not doing something. If we dig a little deeper, these ‘if only’s are often excuses. We can wake up earlier or set aside time, we can find cheaper ways to holiday, we can choose to be happy regardless of where we are.

Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge the solution or just can’t find it. Sometimes when we really look into these ‘if only’s and face what they actually are, it’s just fear. Fear that we might fail, fear of what we could actually achieve.

If you can I want you to work through your ‘if only…’.

Take 5/10 minutes to think about and write down your ‘if only…’ it might be one, it might be a few. Write them down, putting it into words and down on paper is powerful. Try to separate yourself from any emotion attached to your ‘if only…’ and think of solutions, things which will remove the ‘if only’ from those sentences. Sit with whatever you discover, whatever you realise and go do something. Take action.

That thing you’ve been putting off, when there’s no ‘if only’ you have nothing left but to do it. See what you can achieve, see what you’re capable of.

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