My Week at Uni – 18 Months Left

One of my goals this year is to be more positive about uni. Knowing it’s a highly flawed system but not allowing that to frustrate me. For the third time, at the beginning of the year, an assessment’s marking criteria was changed last minute (2 hours before it was due). When I got the message (knowing I was on just about to get on a plane and unable to do anything about it) I noticed that I kind of expected it. I’ve got used to knowing that they’ll change the goal posts and that’s a little bit sad. It shouldn’t be the way it is but there’s little I can do about it so I’m no longer allowing it to frustrate me. So, whilst I’m not necessarily feeling super positive about uni yet, I’m definitely not feeling as negative!

After being off for the Christmas ‘break’ submitting 3 assessments and completing an exam, I was not ready to go back to uni on Monday. The break was good, I really enjoyed my travels and had the usual post-holiday blues; I wasn’t ready for lectures and routine to re-enter my life. Fortunately, my thoughts have changed over the course of the week. My uni timetable has changed with two new modules: Health and Exercise Practices and Diet in Health and Disease. I’ve really enjoyed my lectures this week; Health and Exercise Practices is going to be super interesting and Diet in Health and Disease is going to be somewhat interesting. I’ve felt really engaged and motivated in lectures which has been good. The one thing I know I need to work on is my focus on assessments at home. I’ve got a lot of assessments throughout the semester and need to keep on top of these if I don’t want to get behind. My partner and I are moving and with viewings and a noisy toddler in the apartment above us I’m finding myself easily distracted and struggling to focus.

I’m feeling good about the semester ahead but am aware I have a bit of a crazy month or two coming so need to keep on top of the work in the ‘quieter’ times to make it a little less manic in the busy times!

Personal learning this week: Something I need to work on – improving my ability to focus on uni work at home.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • 80% of GP consultations taken up by chronic health problems – this is crazy! 80%! With the increase in lifestyle diseases and people living longer, chronic health problems are becoming the main health issue doctors are dealing with. The resources just are not there to be dealing with this change in types of health problems people are facing.
  • There is a ‘Death Zone’ – if you’re into mountaineering, you may already be aware of this but I’d never heard of this before and find it interesting. If you climb above 8,000m you are in the Death Zone. It is called this because the amount of oxygen at this level is not enough tosustain human life for a long period of time. Above 2,000m there is already an impact on performance and consistent training in these conditions will lead to endurance adaptations.
  • An athlete (Robert Förstemann) is able to sustain 700W for 3 minutes, enough to power a toaster! – A normal, trained individual would be able to sustain 200W maybe 250W. This highlights two things: 1. Robert Förstemann is a beast, he’s very strong and his body has adapted to cycling training. 2. Toasters are highly inefficient requiring a hell of a lot of energy to run. Check out the video it’s pretty damn cool (

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