How to Stay Motivated

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it hard to stay focused and motivated on a specific task, a project or with a goal. I have a number of different knitting projects I’ve started and not finished; I love to procrastinate and I often feel a slump when I’ve worked on something for a while and the end still feels just too far out of reach. Over the years I’ve developed a number of tactics and strategies to help stay on task and to help me see a project through to its conclusion.

If you have any strategies you use please comment below and add to this list!

Find your why

I like to question everything; if I have a strong reason for doing a task, I’m more likely to do it. If I know why I want to do something or why it’s important, it’s a lot easier for me to understand why I need to spend the time focusing on the thing. If I want to procrastinate or not do something I just remind myself why it’s important I do it and I’m more inclined get off my butt and do the thing!

Have an accountability partner

For some it can really help to be held accountable. Telling a friend, loved one or just announcing to the world online that you’re going to do something can help you find the motivation to follow through. If others know about your project or goal they can ask questions, you can catch up with how your doing and they can help you keep on track.

Have a prominent reminder

Use post its, calendars, phone lock screens, whatever you have to work with to provide space for reminders or motivational messages to keep you on track. I find the phone lock screen one works well. If you’re tempted to scroll seeing a message on your phone that tells you to get back to your task can help keep you on track!

Remove barriers

The easier it is for us to do a task the more likely we are to do it. If something’s stopping us, no matter how small, we are less likely to do it. If I want to do yoga every day but my yoga mat is kept at the back of a cupboard I’m not as likely to pull it out as if I leave it rolled up and propped right next to where I’m going to roll it out and practice. If you know your phone is a distraction – turn it off, put it on airplane mode or in the next room. Work out what your barriers are and remove them as much as you can.

Celebrate the small stuff

When working on something longer term, sometimes it can feel like despite all the work you’re doing you’re still so far away from the end. To keep motivated and energies high it can help to have smaller milestones and targets within a bigger goal then you can see just how much you have achieved as you go along. Celebrating all the mini-targets within the bigger one can help keep you on track. One step is easier to focus on and a lot more manageable than an entire marathon.

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