January Moodboard

It’s 2020, a new decade, a new year, a new month, a new day. January is a funny one for me. I know 1st January is an arbitrary date when it comes to setting goals and intentions but there’s also something really exciting about a new year, a fresh start, a blank page. At the end of 2019 I was really positive about the new year but now it’s here I’m feeling a little off. I’m back from a holiday which always gets me feeling a little blue, I’m into an exam period, also not the most fun thing and there’s some other things a bit up in the air at the moment leaving me a little unsettled. Enough rambling…here are a few of my favourite things this month.

January: Beginning, Intentions, Grey, Dark, Opportunities

2020 – The Year

Despite everything I just said above, I love the thought of a new year with unknown adventures to come. We often start a year with intentions and goals which can be a great way to focus but the exciting bit is seeing what has actually happened 12 months later. So don’t get too caught up in needing to organise your year, plans change, things happen. Try to just enjoy the ride.

Free Yoga

If you want to try yoga or barre, there’s a free open afternoon at my favourite studio A Fine Balance. Sunday 19th January 2020 – 1.15pm Beginners Yoga, 2.15pm Yoga Flow and 3.15pm Barre Fit. If you’re near Upminster and fancy a free class or two click here.

Free Mantra E-book

In case you missed it, I have released a free e-book ‘Weekly Mantras for 2020’. It’s still available for you, it’s not too late to get it you still have all the mantras for the rest of the year even if you’ve missed the first week! Go get it…it’s free!


I’m not a fan of most vegan cheeses on the market, they don’t taste very nice and I’d rather eat whole foods than processed stuff. Just a preference I have. I recently tried Koko and I was super surprised at the taste. It’s the closest I’ve found to actually tasting like cheese. However it is still made of coconut oil and not the best for your health in large quantities but if you just want a bit as a replacement on your jacket potato then go for it!

If you want a homemade alternative which isn’t coconut oil based, check out my vegan cheese recipe.

The Vegan Bundle

The Bundle Co. have a bundle of 60 vegan recipe ebooks, fitness guides, nutrition guides, etc., worth $1324.15 on sale for only $50. This is time-limited and only available until midday on 10th January. If you’re looking for more plant-based information and recipes this is definitely a great opportunity to get a lot of resources all in one place for a good price.

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