19 for 2019 – Review

If you’ve been with me for the whole of this year, you may remember last December (2018) I posted a list of 19 things I wanted to do in 2019 to bring more happiness into my life. I did a little check in halfway through the year to help keep me on track but now is the time to see how I actually did! It’s nice to tick things off a list so I’m going to give myself ticks for each one completed and a little information on my thoughts as to whether it was easy to do it, why I didn’t for those I missed and whether or not it actually brought me happiness!

Paint my nails once a month – this was easy to do but it doesn’t mean my nails always looked their best. I tried to paint my nails for occasions or times when I wasn’t going to be rock climbing but I’ve also been really bad at taking the nail varnish off so my nails were a bit of a mess for a week or so a month too. I used to really enjoy painting my nails but it hasn’t felt that way this year. Maybe this is something I’ve grown out of!

Teach at a yoga festival – I was fortunate enough to teach a yin masterclass at Barefoot Festival and it was magic. I’m applying to teach at festivals next summer because it was amazing and I’d love to be able to teach in such a great environment again! This one truly did bring happiness to my year!

Do nutrition work experience – Finding work experience was a lot harder than expected. Most nutritionists are self-employed or small companies and don’t have the resources to facilitate work experience. Some bigger companies do internships but not a shorter work experience programme. I managed to interview a couple of nutritionists which provided me with some answers to questions I had, that was really useful. One nutritionist offered work experience but then ghosted me…I was pretty shocked about that one! I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to do any experience but not too worried

Complete a yoga training – Full disclaimer, I didn’t complete a yoga specific work experience; yoga trainings can be so expensive. Instead in enrolled in, and completed, Diplomas in Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Both of these have given me new techniques and ideas to bring not only to my teaching practice but also to my business. These trainings have greatly improved my happiness they’ve given my work a boost as well as allowing me to use the techniques learned to improve my own well-being.

Read 50 books – I smashed this target (at the time of writing (17/12) I have read 74 books and I think I’ll get another 3 or 4 in before the year is up. Thinking I’m going to aim for 100 next year (I might be a little bit mad!) I was reading about 1 per week until the summer and then I just increased over the summer and continued onto the end of the year. Getting back to reading lots, something I have loved all my life, has been wonderful.

Run 10k each week – This did not happen. At all. The problem is I just don’t want to run in the winter; it’s cold outside and I don’t like the treadmill. So, I was off to a bad start and I kind of didn’t get back to running this summer, my routine was all over the place. Excuses aside, I didn’t do this at all. I don’t feel sad but I do miss running.

Meditate everyday – I have not meditated every day and some weeks I have not meditated at all but I have still meditated more days than not this year. I know that meditation brings more balance into my life and it’s something I’m going to aim to make a more ingrained habit next year.

See my family once a month – This I did manage – apart from the month of November. I’m still giving myself a tick because I saw them more than once some months and I still kept in contact over the phone and on Facetime. Seeing my family, spending time with my sister and my lil nephew has brought a lot of happiness into my life this year.

Have a ‘date night’ once a fortnight –I haven’t kept a strict watch on this one but my partner and I are pretty good at keeping weekends free to spend with each other and going out to plays, events or for dinner. Spending time with my partner enjoying different activities together always brings me joy. Glad this is something that happens effortlessly for us.

Have a massage every 2/3 months – I did this and I think I need to do this more in 2020. It’s one of those things that when you start you don’t know how you managed without them before! The only thing stopping me going more frequently is money!

Learn more about photography – Although I’ve probably not learnt as much as I wanted to or at least not applied it as much as I’ve wanted to, I have learnt more. I’ve learnt different techniques and can take a photo with great composition and lighting. What I’ve realised is that for me it doesn’t bring me more happiness. It brings more likes on Instagram but I’m just not interested in taking that much time over a photo. I can appreciate the effort that goes into good photography more now though!

Learn to knit socks properly – Not at all. Socks are on the list for next year. Still knitting a lot though!

Find a pair of jeans that actually fit properly – I did it. I actually found a pair and I bloody love them. From an incredible sustainable company too. Nudie Jeans check them out! Well and truly happy with this one!

Always pack snacks – I was disappointed with myself for this one. Quite a few times I bought snacks in single-use packaging which is not recyclable and this is definitely something I want to try to minimise further next year. I’ve started making my own protein bars, I just need to be a little more organised with food in general!

Change to using a refillable pen and sustainable notebooks/journals – I have now got a seven-year pen which is supposed to last 7 years and is doing well so far. I have not made my way through all my backlog of notebooks yet but when I do I will not be getting any more without thorough research into sustainable options. I love my pen and it has made me happier knowing I’m not sending a load of pens to landfill.

Learn to crochet – I did learn how to crochet earlier this year and have continued to crochet things. I still prefer knitting but it’s nice to be able to make different patterns and I’m glad I learnt a new skill.

Clear out my stuff at my parents – This happened but not through my desire to, instead it was because my parents moved out of their place! Regardless it’s all sorted. It’s nice to know I don’t have a ton of stuff still hanging around theirs but I also know have books and spare crockery filling up our small flat until we move and work out which stuff to keep out of mine and my partner’s stuff!

When working at home get up and move every half an hour – This definitely did not happen. I get far too involved in whatever I’m doing that to move every half hour would take me out of what I’m doing and wouldn’t help me be more productive. I have been moving somewhat frequently when working from home. I feel like there’s a balance to be struck here and I’m not yet sure what it is!

Have an epic 30th! – As of this blog going live, I’m currently in Iceland and it’s the day before my 30th. I wrote this before I left on my travels but, so far, I have enjoyed my 30th celebrations and I can’t see Iceland being anything short of epic so I’m giving myself the tick prematurely! I’m also following it with a trip to Scotland to see in the new year with mine and my partner’s families and we’ll continue the celebrations there. And yes, my 30th has definitely brought happiness to my year.

13/19, 68% of my list completed. Not bad. When I look back at this and think of the year I had it seems really ambitious. I couldn’t have foreseen how busy the year was going to be and how little spare time I’d have over the summer. I’m not at all disappointed that I didn’t complete all of the list. Life happens. Things change. It’s been a whole year and my priorities and goals have changed so much. It’s been a good year. I’ve enjoyed it and I enjoyed this little experiment. I’m not going to do the same next year but you can check back in with me next week to see what I’m doing for 2020!

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  1. thank you for sharing. I think you did great and propably there are other new things which you started during the year 🙂

    1. thenutritionyogi 06/01/2020 — 10:54

      Very true! Thanks x

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