My Week at Uni – End of Term?

You know that feeling when you’ve been waiting for something for so long that when it comes around it just doesn’t feel real or quite like what you expected. It’s the end of the semester and it really doesn’t feel like it can be. It might be the fact that I’m still assessment writing or it might be because my timetable has been so sporadic and I’ve been ill so this semester a lot of uni has been working from home rather than in lecture theatre anyway.

This week was my last week of Semester 1. Halfway through the year. We had a lab on Monday which was a lot of fun. We looked at the impact of food on blood glucose levels, I got to eat a slice of bread and have my blood taken multiple times. We did finger prick tests to get the blood and we all got to play (erm, test) on each other. It really was a lot of fun. Our lecture Tuesday morning was cancelled last minute (that’s happened a lot this year!) and our lecture Thursday was also cancelled. We had a formative (mock) test this week for an assessment that’s next April and with 5 assessments due in January I forwent the fake test in order to make progress on the current assessments.

I’ve spent this week predominately at my laptop. I’ve completed and submitted 2 assessments. I’m currently writing another which is taking longer than I hoped but it should be finished by midweek next week giving me a couple of days to work on the other 2 assignments before I go away for Christmas and New Year.

So, this blog series will be back on 24th January! In the meantime, hope you have a wonderful holiday season and new year. Sending hugs and love to you all.

Personal learning this week: I can be pretty productive when I set my mind to it!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Tomato puree has a heck of a lot of sugar in it – I knew that tomatoes contain sugar but tomato puree is a super dense form of sugars with all carbohydrates coming from sugars! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cook with it. As with everything, moderation is always key. Nothing wrong with sugar just depends on the quality and overall amount in the diet!
  • Medicine is wasteful – whilst doing our lab session this week I was shocked by the amount of plastic and one-use products. I understand the necessary hygiene and safety reasons but there must be a better way!
  • Watermelon ‘crisps’ are awful – my partner picked these up and thought they might be nice as he likes the apple crisps – I can confirm these were not nice, not in the slightest. I assume some people must like them otherwise they wouldn’t be on sale but personally, I just don’t get it.

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