Sustainable Gift Guide

Below is a random list of 20 gift ideas which range from free to expensive covering all your gift needs. Christmas can be a very wasteful time and if we approach it a little more mindfully we can give gifts which don’t create so much waste. I’m talking reusable, long lasting gifts, gifts people actually want, experiences which can be remembered and cherished. Less plastic, less unwanted items which sit at the back of a cupboard or in a drawer under the bed to be ‘regifted’ or forgotten about.

Most of these 20 ideas have countless options within them. If totally in doubt and not sure what to give then ask the person what they want, get them something they’ll love and use for a long time to come.

I hope these ideas help, please please please leave any other sustainable gift ideas in the comments below to give others even more possibilities!

Free / Very Low Cost

  1. Make a gift – always first on my list, nothing says love, care and thought more than making a gift by hand. Whether it’s something knitted, something baked, something crafted, or anything else – make it personal and it’ll be a great gift.
  2. Baby Sitting/Pet Sitting – give the gift of a night off or a week away to a parent (child or animal).
  3. Cooking – cook a meal for a friend or loved one, or maybe have a fun day of cooking and baking together.
  4. Makeover – depending on your skill set maybe you could offer to do a person’s hair/make up for a special event.
  5. Story/Poem – write a story or poem for, about someone!
  6. Event – find a free event to take someone to – street market, museum, gallery, etc.
  7. Movie night in – spend time with the friend/loved one and make an event of an evening in together.

Under £20

  1. Travel Coffee Mug – if they don’t yet have one!
  2. Reusable Water Bottle – again, if the person doesn’t already have one!
  3. LUSH or Body Shop – if you want to get some body products go for these high street stores who sell package free products and some in recyclable packaging.
  4. Travel cutlery/food boxes/wax wraps – great for a person who takes their lunch to work or food with them on the go!
  5. Tea strainers/ loose leaf tea – for the tea fanatic in your life who still uses tea bags (especially those which contain plastic and are not biodegradable).
  6. Books – always a great choice, if they have a kindle or other device you can by them a book electronically, alternatively get them a book from your local charity shop! Cheaper and not creating more products.
  7. E-books – there are so many e-books available now online on so many different topics. Recipe books, fitness guides, how to guides, fiction, journals. Have a search and see what you find!
  8. Give to charity – for those who really do not want a gift maybe donate some money in their name to a cause they care about.
  9. Shop local – if there is a specific thing you want to buy for a person maybe shop in a local store or on Etsy and support small businesses.

Over £20

  1. Experiences – a night out at the theatre, a spa day, a meal out at a nice restaurant, a workshop, afternoon tea, the options are endless!
  2. Subscription Service – pay for a service for month or two. This could be something like an online yoga service or at a local studio, a recipe box service, weekly local fresh veg box delivery, there are so many different options but try and go for those which are most sustainable and eco-friendly.
  3. Online Course – pay for an online course; help someone learn a new skill, language or hobby from the comfort of their own home.
  4. Pay for a 1:1 session – yoga, personal training, meditation, health coach, mindfulness coach, nutritionist, massage, or anything else you can think of!

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