My Week at Uni – Hmph

Each year, or maybe each semester, there always seems to be one of these weeks. One of these where I don’t really have words to describe the week and it feels more appropriate to sum it up with a sound, a sound of frustration or letting go of the week.

My week started Sunday night when I stupidly checked my email before bed (groans, eye rolls and palm to face reactions are all acceptable here). At the end of each day my uni sends an update with any new documents and announcements on our online learning platform. One module had updated our timetable, they had cancelled our lab session on the Monday and instead given us a formative assessment (one that doesn’t count towards our grade) to be completed by the end of Monday. So I went to bed disappointed that my lab had been cancelled and annoyed at a last minute unnecessary assessment.

Monday came and I decided against completing the assessment. I did not want to spend time on an assessment which is not graded when I have 3 actual assessments for that module all due in the next 2 months. So, Monday gave me time to work on my assessments, and write a couple of blogs! Tuesday was another disappointing day. I had a lecture which went through a couple of literature reviews and didn’t really add anything more to the previous week’s lecture. We also had a lab session which used the same equipment we have used many times before. The practical itself was not particularly new or interesting but the data should be fun to play with when that gets sent out to us. It was interesting working in a group of people where there were some strong opposing opinions and people who wanted to ‘lead’ the experiment. Wednesday I did my initial research for my literature review and have found some fascinating papers. Thursday was a lecture about dietary assessment which was a slight addition to what we’ve already been taught on the topic but not much and a tutorial. After a better week last week it felt like a reversal again this week to another frustrating week of not very much learning.

In other news, I taught a lot of yoga classes again. I’ve been really enjoying teaching so much, especially as I’ve been teaching groups I’ve taught before and know well. It’s been busy. Uni assessment work is ramping up and not leaving a lot of time for me to work on all the work projects I want to but that’s ok, it’ll ebb and flow. It’s just a little frustrating spending time commuting into uni and attending sessions which aren’t really adding anything to my education. Again, feeling like a lot of this could be done online!

Personal learning this week: Prioritise priorities, the other stuff can and will fit around these.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Meditation can make your brain younger – I’ve been watching the ‘Mind Explained’ series on Netflix and I really recommend it there’s only 5 or 6 episodes and they’re about 20 minutes long. Emma Stone narrates and she has such a great voice. Aside from that, the episodes are totally fascinating and insightful. Watch the meditation one and you’ll want to start meditating right away. There really are no downsides to it!

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