My Week at Uni – Nutrition

Back at uni for the second half of semester 1 and, as with most breaks/holidays, it feels like I was never away!

We had a lab on Monday which was similar to what we’ve done previously measuring submaximal exercise. Tuesday two lectures, one explaining an upcoming assessment which was very useful and one on carbohydrate metabolism which was super fascinating. Thursday was a couple of tutorials one about breakfast and one about another upcoming assessment. As opposed to the past few weeks, this week has felt like I’m actually studying on a nutrition degree. I’ve had sessions which have been so informative and interesting and it’s all just reignited a passion that’s been a bit dormant for a while now. The past few weeks have been frustrating and stressful and I feel like I might be through that.

I have three assessments I’m working on now and I’m actually enjoying them. One is a literature review and we’ve been assigned supervisors who will be staying with us for our final year project next year. I had a meeting with mine this week which was really useful in sorting through some of my ideas and areas of interest. I think I’m going to research within the topic of plant-based diets but I need to do some further research before I decide on my precise focus within this.

Aside from uni, this week has contained a lot of teaching yoga, a lot and I’ve continued an absence from social media I hadn’t planned. I just hadn’t felt like being on it so I haven’t been but I think I’d ready to come back.

Whilst the next 5 weeks are going to be busy, I’m looking forward to them.

Personal learning this week: Don’t make ‘yes’ an automatic response. It’s ok to say no.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • There’s a Cori Cycle – Not quite Cory but close. It’s the body’s mechanism for taking lactate formed in the muscle during exercise, moving it to the liver and converting it to glucose to be returned to the muscle for more energy.
  • You do not break your fast with breakfast you do it with dinner! – For all you linguists out there, ‘dejeuner’ is the Latin for ‘to break fast’ which is where our English term dinner comes from not breakfast. Many, many years ago people used to go out in the morning to work and once the hard work for the day had been done come back for food about 11am this would be the biggest, most extravagant meal of the day to refuel from the work done. How times have changed!
  • A low carbohydrate diet when combined with high levels of exercise can have really bad side effects – Some of theeffects of long term low carbohydrate intake alongside exercise are: compromised immune system, reduction in training intensity sustained, abnormal fatigue, tiredness, confusion, poor decision-making, illness. Let’s not demonise carbs; your brain and muscles need them.

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