My Week at Uni – And So It Begins…

This week was a week off uni. With an assessment placed in the middle of the week it was anything other than a week off. We had a weird assessment called an open exam: we were given a question on Wednesday and given just over 24 hours to write a report answering the question and had to submit the assessment on Thursday. We were given some information and guidance to prep for the assessment so Monday and Tuesday were spent prepping. Wednesday when the question came out it was completely different to prep guidance. The assessment took a lot longer than planned. It was a weird way to do an assessment writing a report without a question and then having to rewrite it and edit and adapt. I struggled to get it to be a cohesive, structured piece.

The stress led to a bit of a breakdown Wednesday, I was gutted to have to get cover for my yoga class and spend so much time on the assessment. It’s done now. But, that’s just the beginning. From now on the assessments become more regular. Most seem to make more sense than the one this week so that’s good.

Thursday afternoon and Friday have been a mix of relaxing, getting stuff organised for the second half of this semester and work. I’m feeling a little run down and hoping it doesn’t turn into anything so looking forward to a semi-chilled weekend.

Personal learning this week: Sometimes you need to talk to someone to process thoughts and feelings and that’s ok. You don’t have to always do it by yourself.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Sea squirts eat their own brain! – Sea squirts are creatures which attach to an area in the ocean and then no longer move. As they do not need to move, they no longer have use for their brain so they digest it for energy. So weird.
  • Not everyone has 206 bones – you have more bones as a baby and some fuse together or mineralise. Some people also develop extra bones during their lifetime! (For a few more facts about the human skeleton:

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