My Week at Uni – Anxiety

*Cory takes a deep breath*

It’s been an odd week. I felt pretty irritable Monday – could have been because we had another full day in a computer lab at uni. We spent 2 hours copying and pasting about 15 sums into Excel; this took me 10 minutes. As much as I try to be patient, I truly struggled with this. I feel my education has been somewhat lacking in some of the sessions this year.

Tuesday I woke up feeling really anxious, all the usual symptoms: heavy chest, difficulty breathing, headache, feeling low. This has stayed with me most of the week. I’ve felt a little trapped in routine this week. 4 weeks back at uni and I’m in a routine. I’m not great with too much routine, I just feel trapped and crave spontaneity. I took a bit of time off Wednesday to do nothing, it’s rare that I take time to just stop. Which helped but I’m just still feeling a little deflated. I only have another week then I have a week off (‘student engagement week’) I have an assessment due but it’ll change up the routine I’ve found myself in and hopefully will give me a little refresh before the 6 week stint at uni until Christmas.

That’s how I’ve experienced this week – in a heightened state of emotion and anxiety. That’s ok, it happens.

At uni, after the dreadful Monday, we had more statistics and research methods on Tuesday and a lab session where we got to play with the gym equipment and work out people’s maximal strength for different muscle groups. Thursday we had a couple of tutorials again on data and research. We’ve had a lot less ‘nutrition’ learning this year so far which is somewhat disappointing, I’m hoping this will change in Semester 2. I still enjoy doing my own research and learning but I’d like to get a bit more input from the lecturers I have as I know they are so knowledgeable in their fields!!

Personal learning this week: Sometimes the best action is to do nothing.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • You can calculate your 1 rep max using a formula – A person’s one repetition maximum (1 rep max or 1RM) is the maximum amount of weight that can be moved in 1 repetition. 1RM can be used to determine an individual’s maximal strength of particular muscle groups. To safely test a person’s 1RM, reducing possible injury, we can determine a person’s 5RM or similar (how much weight a person can move for 5 repetitions but would fail on the 6th) and use a formula to calculate their 1RM. There are a number of calculations which have been created for this one of which is the Brzycki equation: 1RM = rep weight/(1.0278 – [0.0278 x reps])
  • Your toe nails indicate your selenium levels!! – Toe nail samples can be used to check trace mineral levels in a person. Who knew?!
  • There is not a method to assess dietary intake which is without error – we cannot completely accurately determine a person’s dietary intake; every method has some form of error – be it misreporting by the subject themselves (knowingly or unknowingly), input error, misinterpretation, so many parts of the process can be misreported.

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