My Week at Uni – Long Week

It was one of those weeks when it felt like it should be the weekend when it was only Thursday. Not sure if it’s where I’m now getting back into a routine and uni is becoming part of the usual fabric of life again or what. Although the week felt long, I still enjoyed it. A little less yoga teaching, a lot more blogging and much more self-study for uni this week.

Monday was a half day as we had a lab session where we took anthropometric measures for each other (a fancy way of saying we pinched each other with callipers). It was interesting to have all my measurements done; it something I actively avoid doing normally. Personally, constantly measuring myself: my weight, body fat, waist line, etc., it does bad things to my mind. I don’t like to constantly judge myself or measure myself, it’s very easy to become obsessed with the numbers rather than how you feel which is much more important. However, all that being said, numbers in science can be very useful and very important. It was interesting to find out what my current measurements are. The lab was fun. Tuesday, I had two lectures, both were really interesting, really worthwhile. Thursday, I had a morning of data again. It’s a bit heavy but we just had a protocol to work through which didn’t take too much time so it wasn’t such a long morning. Outside of lectures I’ve begun knuckling down on coursework. I have quite a lot of assessments right from the start this year and the earlier I prep and get work done the easier my life will be later and the more future Cory will be happy with me.

So, I’m beginning to settle into some kind of routine now with lectures and yoga classes and keeping up with my blog and my weekly mindfulness mailout (if you want to sign up to it – click here!) It’s been a full and productive week and I’m ready for the weekend…especially as I get to celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday =]

Personal learning this week: Make time for the things that make you smile.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Scales which measure body fat use bioelectrical impedance – This is where a small electric current is sent through the body, from one foot up the leg and down the other leg. Fat is a poor conductor of electricity so the more the current experiences resistance the higher the fat. Whilst they can give an indication of body fat percentage they are not entirely accurate as they only measure the lower body.
  • Lactic acid doesn’t fatigue you during workouts – That the production or build up of lactic acid when exercising is what fatigues you is a myth. As part of the glycolytic pathway (production of energy using glucose to fuel your muscles) lactic acid is formed but when it forms it disassociates from hydrogen ions immediately and it is these hydrogen ions (H+) which cause fatigue. They inhibit anaerobic glycolysis (reducing the amount of energy you can produce), inhibit cross-bridge cycling (reducing another way energy is made) as well as stimulating free nerve endings.
  • Cross-country skiers have the highest VO2max – A person’s VO2max is the maximum volume of oxygen the body consumes each minute during exercise. The higher your VO2max the greater your ability to succeed at endurance exercise.

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