My Week at Uni – Back Again

Back for my third year of study for my BSc in Human Nutrition, second year of the degree course (1 year of foundation study and 1 year of degree down) and back for my third year of this ‘My Week at Uni’ blog series. If you’re new here… hey =] I’m Cory, a nutrition student, retraining following a whole other life in a different career. This is a weekly blog series following my uni journey, discussing life at uni and sharing some of my learning in the field of nutrition and physiology. If you’re still following from last year or maybe you’ve even been with me from the beginning… thank you so much for sticking with me, it’s great to be with you again and thanks for holding space for me to share this journey.

So… new school year, new timetable, new lecturers. The timetable isn’t too bad, in uni 3 days a week. Still sorting out my fitness routine, I like to work out in the morning and we’ve got 2 early starts so might just move around my rest days! The modules are split 50:50 this semester between research and nutrition/physiology and the topics we are going to cover look really interesting. Most of the lecturers I have already met and really enjoy their teaching. I have one new lecturer who’s not so great and unfortunately, he’s leading a module so I’ll have him every week. I’m trying to be better at focusing on the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives so I’ll just say I don’t agree with his need to constantly compare genders.

It’s been a fairly tepid week – lots of introductions to modules but I’ve also had a bit of learning on a couple of modules which has really got me excited about what’s to come! The workload and assessments don’t seem overwhelming and I’m super impatient to get to my final year of study so it’ll be fun learning more and working on my research topic in readiness to get there.

Personal learning this week: Take each week at a time and make space for rest.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • The body has about 93,000kcal of stored fat – mind blown!
  • The human brain is a very hungry organ – I’ve just started reading Yuval Noah Harari’s book Sapiens* (I know I’m a few years behind everyone else, I have a long reading list!) I’m only one the 3rd chapter but it’s so good. In the book Yuval explains that “the brain accounts for about 2-4 per cent of total body weight, but it consumes 25 per cent of the body’s energy when the body is at rest.” How crazy is that! A quarter of our energy is used on our brain. Another good reason to properly feed yourself, your brain needs it! P.S. it loves glucose so don’t hate on those carbs!
  • Muscles don’t store much energy – Muscle cells are very clever. They don’t store much energy so that when we use them a small change is a big percentage difference and enables the cell to feedback that more energy is needed. Energy levels held in the muscle are low but constant.

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