Strength and Surrender

This week in my classes we’ve been looking at the concepts of strength and surrender and I really wanted to share some thoughts with more people so the blog this week is looking into what these words mean.

Strength to me means a number of things: power, ability, resilience, facing fears and so many other things. We have physical strength, mental strength and emotional strength. Strength is not just pushing hard at the gym, it’s not just being fearful and doing it anyway, it’s not just not crying in public when you feel sad. Strength to me is also knowing when to do the opposite of these things; strength is also taking a day off at the gym because your body needs the rest, it’s also being ok with feeling fearful and not doing the thing because you’re not ready, it’s also crying in public because you feel some feelings and that’s ok.

There is strength in doing what is right for you in the present moment. There is strength in surrendering to what is and to what your current needs are.

In my yoga sessions, this manifests in terms of those poses we find challenging. When in a posture like chair pose (utkatasana) or boat pose (navasana) if we surrender to the current moment to any physical or mental feelings and sensations, simply allowing them to exist in the moment without judging them as anything negative, we can learn to find the strength to either stay with what’s there and hold longer or find the strength to acknowledge that we need to move out of the pose and rest.

Surrender to the current moment, without judgement, and have strength to act in a mindful way.

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  1. Sometimes I find I’m so obsessed about working out that i forget to work in! This was a really powerful piece, thank you.

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