19 for 2019 – Mid-year Update

For those who follow my blog, you may remember I posted my 19 for 2019 list in December 2018. A list of 20 things I want to do in 2019 which will bring a little more happiness into my life. As we are halfway through the year I thought it was about time for a check in to remind myself of any items I’ve been putting off or forgotten about and to celebrate the things I have achieved so far!

  1. Paint my nails once a month – this has been an easy one, easier than I expected as I go rock climbing so my nails are always a mess!

  1. Teach at a yoga festival – not yet but I got accepted to teach at Barefoot Festival at the end of July!

  1. Do nutrition work experience – I have reached out to about 30/40 companies and nutritionists but to no avail so far. I have managed to interview a couple of nutritionists and get a bit more information about career paths and expectations. If anyone out there can help me – please let me know!

  1. Complete a yoga training – Due to the massive cost of yoga trainings this year I am not doing a specific yoga training but I am currently completing two diplomas over the Summer on mindfulness and CBT which will deepen my knowledge and help in my yoga teaching.

  1. Read 50 books – I am on track with this one; I have read a book a week so far.

  1. Run 10k each week – not at all. The winter and cold weather did nothing to encourage me to get outside and run. I tried the treadmill but it’s just too damn boring. I’ve been walking lots and have been getting a run or two in a week over the past few weeks.

  1. Meditate everyday – the year started well. I went on holiday with a big group of people to India and my routine went out the window. When I returned I had revision and exams and never managed to get back into the habit of meditating. It’s something I’m really struggling with lately and something I’m trying to bring back!

  1. See my family once a month – so far so good! There was a month when it was just over a month between visits but am managing to see them often.

  1. Have a ‘date night’ once a fortnight – this is not something I’ve kept track of. Looking back over my calendar for the year we’ve pretty much been on track with this one. Not always every fortnight. Sometimes it’s been twice in a week and sometimes it was once in a month but mostly it’s been once every 2/3 weeks.

  1. Have a massage every 2/3 months – This one I’ve managed but feel like it should be more frequent!!

  1. Learn more about photography – a little but not much so far. Hopefully I’ll find some time to over the Summer.

  1. Learn to knit socks properly – not even started this one. Again another Summer project!

  1. Find a pair of jeans that actually fit properly – not even bothered to start looking (I dislike shopping!)

  1. Always pack snacks – I have tried super hard with this one and generally have managed but have still bought snacks when I’ve been out and about in one-use disposable packaging which I’m trying to avoid. I’ve found it easier to prepare now I have more free time.

  1. Change to using a refillable pen and sustainable notebooks/journals – in process, using up my stash of disposable pens and notebooks.

  1. Learn to crochet – I now know how to crochet and have made some dolls for my partner’s mum’s church who are sending them out to children in Uganda.

  1. Clear out my stuff at my parents – another Summer project. Hopefully in conjunction with moving into a new place.

  1. When working at home get up and move every half an hour – something I’ve tried but definitely failed at. I’ve been quite good at getting up every hour (my fitbit watch tells me off if I don’t).

  1. Have an epic 30th! – I intend to!

Wow. I feel like I’m keeping to this pretty well. I’m happy with the ones I’m keeping to and not too fussed about some of the ones I’ve not yet managed. The point of the list is to enhance my year not take it over so there’s no pressure.

Anyone else do one of these this year? How is your list going?

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