My Year at Uni – Year 1

Another year deserves another round up. If you’ve followed my “My Week at Uni” series then you’ll know there’s been both positives and negatives, ups and downs, highs and lows.

I started this blog post once already and it just felt like I was moaning about everything and that really wasn’t my intention. So let’s try again.

The year was busier than the foundation year, we still only had 2.5 days a week in lectures and seminars but there was a lot more independent learning. I assume the workload will only increase next year so this should have been good preparation. The modules were varied, very varied; some were only a semester long, some were all year. I was grateful for the variety because as with most things I preferred some modules to others. This year was a lot of repetition from the foundation year, some content in the lectures but mainly the practical sessions. We had a couple of really science-heavy modules (Biochemistry and Cell Biology) which went into more detail than needed for a career in nutrition but will provide a really good base knowledge for everything still to come. There were a couple of nutrition specific modules which I really enjoyed, the lecturers were so knowledgeable and engaging. Some of the modules could have been delivered quicker and with fewer ‘filler’ sessions such as the review and consolidation sessions. Overall it was a good year.

The exams and coursework over the year were manageable even if not ideal. The assessment methods were not difficult – exams were mainly multiple choice, and we were allowed to take note in for our in-class essays. The difficult part was the scheduling; the assessments were not well spread out. We had multiple assessments all in the same weeks; not ideal but manageable with planning and organisation.

I haven’t had all my grades back yet but I’m happy with what I have had. I’m hopeful and excited for next year. I’m halfway through my 4 years and as much as I’m impatient and want to be finishing the course I’m also eager for the sessions and knowledge still to come.

I had to choose public health or sports nutrition for next year and my choice went with sports. It’s the route I’m most interested in and most likely to do better at.

For now I have 4 months off to work and enjoy the break before getting stuck into another year of uni.

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