My Week at Uni – Assessments, Assessments, Assessments

So that’s another year done. Kind of. Next week is the last official week of the semester but I’m going away to India tomorrow (so damn excited!!!) I also have three exams when I get back and I’ll catch up on the few lectures I miss before then. But in terms of teaching weeks for me. It’s done! Can’t quite believe it! One of those moments when something has been so long in the making that when it finally comes around it doesn’t quite seem real.

Since we last spoke I had a practical exam Friday afternoon; all went fine and it was very simple. This week, however, was pretty chaotic. I started with a lack of sleep Sunday night – not the best start! Revision all day Monday for my exam Tuesday which was after a couple of lectures in the morning. The exam was ok, I’m sure I did well but not as well as I perhaps could have. Trying to remind myself that I can only do so much when juggling lots of different modules and assessments all in one go. I had one more assessment to complete before the end of the week which took longer than I had hoped and planned for meaning I did not attend a few lectures. Luckily, I’ve managed to catch up on most of them already and my coursework is complete! Phew. I’m just going to finish a few revision notes in preparation for my return from India and then I can finally switch off. Stop thinking and start relaxing.

To those of you also finishing your year at uni – you’ve got this! To everyone else – I’ll catch up with you again soon; after the exams in a month or two. Until then that’s it for another year of uni blogs! Thanks for following along my journey if you’ve stuck with me. Let’s see what next year brings!!!

Much love, Cory x


Personal learning this week: Enjoy the present, the future comes soon enough!


Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • We lose 1% of our body’s collagen every year – from the age of 20 we begin to lose our collagen – by 30 we’ve lost 10%! Crazy huh! Collagen is a protein found in the body which keeps our bones, ligaments and skin strong and supple. Pretty important.
  • We use our bodyweight of ATP every day – ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is an energy source our body’s use. It is constantly being made and used all the time within our cells without us every knowing or thinking about it. It’s such a small molecule yet we use so much of it we actually get through enough of it each day to be the equivalent of our body’s weight.


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