My Week at Uni – Family and Friends

One more week left! Technically two weeks of uni left for the semester but I go to India next weekend so one more week left for me! It’s been such a long time coming that it doesn’t feel like it’s really here. As this is posted I’ll be in a practical exam for Biochemistry, I have an exam next Tuesday and one more piece of coursework to complete by the end of next week. Aside from that it’s all exams when I get back.

This week has been another non-week. Tuesday we just had a revision session for next Tuesday’s exam so I had a full day of revision at home. Wednesday morning we had a couple of lectures, the first was really good but only an hour long then we had a long break before the next lecture which was a waste of time. Thursday was a revision session for an exam we have in a month’s time; my focus needs to be on the coming assessments this week and next (not in a month’s time). So I haven’t been in uni much this week but I got a lot of revision done and I’m ready and raring for my practical exam in an hour or so!

I was able to spend lots of time with family and friends this week which was nice. I helped my sister prep some purees to start weening her 6 month old onto some food. I saw my mum for an early mother’s day and caught up with a friend.

Now I’m approaching the end I’m definitely less frustrated about the lack of engagement at uni. I’m still very much looking forward to the semester being over and the exams!

I’ve also had more assessment grades back and they’re all good so far…yippee!!

Personal learning this week: Everything comes to an end. Good or bad. Try to enjoy it all.


Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Species extinction is happening – climate change has wiped out the Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed rat. Rising sea levels and storms have wiped out its food supply which has in turn lead to rats’ demise. The Australian government listed human-induced climate change as the primary cause of death. We are doing irreversible damage to this planet. Change is happening and we seem to be doing better but is it quick enough?
  • 815 million people go to bed hungry every night – this makes me so incredibly sad. This statistic is from the WHO from 2016; this is likely to have increased a lot by now. Something to think about.

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