My Week at Uni – Same

Running out of words. I feel like a broken record. Frustrations, lack of decent lectures, cancellations, timetable changes…all the usual stuff.

I was looking forward to this week. The lectures looked exciting, feeling confident about where I was at with assessments and uni work and a trip to Cardiff at the end of the week! As usual, it wasn’t so straightforward.

Monday was a great day, all my planned work to do got done, great start. Tuesday lectures were not as planned. Biochemistry was ok, nothing exciting or new but interesting enough. Principles of Nutrition (usually my favourite part of the week) was awful. We were meant to have a session on micronutrients but it turned into an hour talking about the exam – apparently everyone was so worried about it that instead of teaching us some useful nutrition knowledge they decided to explain what a short answer test is! Yes, it is helpful to have some info on the exam but it could have been sent to us by email or loaded onto our virtual learning site. We did have a 20 minute lecture about water so it wasn’t all a complete waste. Wednesday was an early start. I was 10 minutes away from uni when an email came in explaining our lecturer had fallen on the way into uni so the lecture was cancelled. Not ideal but can’t be helped; luckily our lecturer is ok and the 4 hours we missed will be uploaded for us to access before our exam. That brings us to Thursday. I’m writing this early as I go away this evening; straight after Cell Biology lectures I’m getting on a train to Cardiff. A couple of nights away to go walking in the Brecon Beacons and explore a new city – I’m very much looking forward to it! I’m also hoping the Cell Biology lectures redeem the failed uni week but I’m not holding my breath (we’re learning about gene expression).

Some good news from this week – a friend of my has been away on a yoga retreat and I was fortunate enough to cover a couple of her classes. It was really lovely being able to teach more this week.

Personal learning this week: I’m struggling to remain positive with the frustrations I’m feeling; it’s important to keep aware of that in order to try to change how I’m viewing situations.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Chickpeas are the future – I love chickpeas, any form of chickpeas: as hummus, falafels, in stews, mashed on toast, roasted, as a dessert (yes you can make chickpea cookie dough!) I always have chickpeas soaking or cooking. They are a staple in my diet not only because I love the taste but because they are so great nutritionally – high in fibre and protein (combine them with a wholewheat and you have a complete protein). They’re so versatile and seem to be becoming more popular with a lot of people. (
  • Global weirding is really impacting wildlife – Global weirding a term for the strange weather we’ve been having due to global warming has seen us having warm weather in winter, excessive winds and frosts as we enter spring, it’s all not quite right. Although it makes for easy chitchat conversation at the hairdressers it’s having some really negative impacts on our wildlife. Climate change is not just beginning to have an impact on the planet, it’s already in full effect. (
  • Leaky skin may be the cause of allergies – The skin is a barrier and it does a good job at stopping big molecules getting into the body. Sometimes if the skin is damaged it doesn’t do its job so well. Sometimes food allergens can pass through stimulating the immune cells, this can lead to the cells attacking when you next encounter the food. Scientists have looked into this and checking babies’ skin soon after birth can give indication of how likely they are to develop food allergies by the age of two. Interesting research! (

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