My Week at Uni – Uni?!

There was very little ‘uni’ this week. For those who follow the rest of my blogs you may know I got the copper IUD 6 months ago and as I have a long cycle it’s still settling. It’s that lovely time of the month where I have my period and it’s been a bit of a horrible one. I’ve been at home with cramps so painful I’ve been throwing up. End of period talk. It’s just meant my plans for the week have gone out the window. It’s a great lesson in being ok with slowing down, accepting what is out of my control and letting go of expectations of myself, my body and my capabilities.

Tuesday I had a full day of lectures, Biochemistry lectures were, as usual, not particularly enthralling and although one of the lecturers was super engaging and enthusiastic, neither lecture was particularly beneficial. The online learning they have for Biochemistry and Cell Biology I find really useful and I’ve been using those to really help my understanding of what I find to be a confusing topic. The Principles of Nutrition lecture was even more disappointing it was more of a consolidation session with nothing new being taught and the lecturer was really not very knowledgeable. All in all a bit of a frustrating day. Wednesday I didn’t go into uni: we had a practical which we have done twice already and an practice multiple choice quiz which we can do from home. My cramps were pretty severe so I stayed home and got a bit of assessment work done in between resting. By Thursday I was bad. I hadn’t eaten most of Wednesday and I was feeling weak and in a lot of pain. I stayed home and missed a conference I was hoping to attend, I also missed lectures and had to cancel a yoga class which I hate having to do.

That brings us to today, Friday. I’m still in pain but managing to eat which helps. I’ve caught up on the missed sessions this morning. That’s the great thing about this course, it’s definitely easy to do the work from home. It’s not been the most productive week but I’ve not got myself behind on anything and my body needed to slow down and I couldn’t stop it!

Personal learning this week: Sometimes it takes things really being out of your control to remember that you can’t control and manage everything in life. Sometimes you just have to let go of expectations and just allow things to be what they are.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • We can build things out of waste plastic – there’s a lot of plastic we can’t recycle. A lot of things like the film on top of a punnet of berries etc. Through a friend I found out about Ecobricks ( take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with other non-recyclable materials until it’s full and hard, then it can be used as a brick to build something! Such a better use of waste plastic which cannot be recycled in another way! Take a look and get involved!
  • Carbon farming might be the future of agriculture – a really fascinating article and video. Take a look:

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